Green peas production line | fried beans processing machine

fried green beans processing line
fried green beans processing line

The green peas production line is used to produce popular peas snacks. The production process of fried peas includes the steps of soaking, dehydrating, frying, deoiling, seasoning, cooling, and packaging. According to the different production outputs, the fried peas processing plant can be divided into small, medium, and fully automatic processing plants.

Flow chart of the green peas frying line

  1. Raw material selection: The raw material of fried peas can be fresh wet peas or dried peas. And the peas you choose should be plump, uniform in size, and mildew-free. If you choose wet peas, just follow the process below. If it is dried peas, they need to be soaked in water and food dye for about 8-12 hours before production. The purpose is to allow peas to fully absorb water.
green peas
green peas
  1. Blanching: This step is to make the peas contain water to obtain a better taste and bright color during frying. It also prevents the fried paste from turning black.
  2. Dehydration: Put the soaked peas into a dehydrator for dehydration. It will prevent excessive moisture on the peas from affecting the finished peas and breaking.
  3. Frying: The temperature of fried peas should not be too high to prevent the peas from cracking. Taizy’s green peas frying machine has the characteristics of energy-saving and high thermal efficiency. And it can keep the oil temperature at a certain temperature during frying, ensuring the frying quality.
  4. De-oiling: In the green peas production line, the de-oiling machine can be used for de-oiling. After deoiling, the peas have a better taste and will not feel greasy.
  5. Seasoning: In the peas processing line, it generally needs a seasoning machine to mix the seasoning and peas evenly. Depending on the characteristics of the seasonings, we provide devices for spraying solid seasonings and liquid seasonings. Also, it can control the seasoning time and the amount of seasoning sprayed.
  6. Packaging: In order to facilitate transportation and storage, need a granule packaging machine to pack final fried peas. It can pack fried green beans according to a certain weight. Moreover, we can customize the packaging size and style according to customer needs.

Fried peas plant introduction

According to the different production needs of customers, we provide small, medium, and large fried peas processing plants. The production capacity of the small green bean production line is 50kg/h-300kg/h, the medium-sized line is 300kg/h-500kg/h, and the large-scale plant is 500kg/h-1000kg/h.

Small fried green peas processing machines

small green peas frying line
small green peas frying line

The small green peas plant includes all semi-automatic fried beans processing machines, and they all require manual operation. This fried green peas frying line need 3-5 people to operate. Especially, the peas frying machine adopts seamless heating tubes to ensure safe frying, and the dehydrator can achieve timing functions. All green beans processing machines in this processing plant adopt food-grade stainless steel.

300kg/h medium peas frying line

fried green beans processing line
fried green beans processing line

The frying and degreasing part of this medium-sized green beans production line can realize continuous working. This production line requires 2-3 people to operate. The peas fryer machine in this production line can realize the functions of automatic feeding, stirring, and discharging. After frying, it can automatically discharge to the de-oiling machine for centrifugal de-oiling. Then, it can automatically pour out the green beans and enter the next process.

Fully automatic fried green beans processing plant

automatic fried peas making machines
automatic fried peas making machines

Compared with the first two production lines, the large fried beans processing plant can realize automatic operation from feeding, frying, seasoning, and other procedures. It only needs 1~2 people to operate. The green beans fryer machine is a mesh belt fryer. Its continuous mesh belt ensures that the materials can run continuously and prevents accumulation. The seasoning machine adopts a drum seasoning machine, which can realize automatic feeding and discharge. It equips with an automatic spreading device, which does not require manual operation.

Note: The combination of the above-fried beans processing machines is our regular machine combination. If you have special requirements or adopt different processes. We can equip with machines for you according to your requirements.

Commercial green peas production line features

  1. Regardless of small, medium, or green peas production lines, all fried green peas processing machines are made of all 304 stainless steel. They have a stable structure and corrosion resistance.
  2. This fried peas frying line has a variety of output options. You can choose the right machine according to your production requirements and budget.
  3. The fried peas production line has the characteristics of high output and diversified production. The fried beans processing machines are not only suitable for frying beans and nuts, but also for frying pasta, meat, and other products.
  4. The finished peas have the characteristics of bright color, unique taste, and stable product quality.
  5. The commercially fried beans processing plant is characterized by high investment efficiency and labor cost savings.
fried food

How to remove excess oil from fried food?

It usually produces excess oil on the surface of the finished product during frying. If there is too much oil, the fried food will have a greasy feel, which will influence the flavor of the food. Therefore, when using a commercial fryer to fry food, then need a food deoiling machine to remove excess oil.

Fried food seasoning machine | flavor mixing machine

Fried food seasoning machine is used to wrap the seasoning on the product in the later stage of food processing, and it is suitable for various fried and non-fried foods. There are currently two flavoring machines, that is, octagonal seasoning machine and drum type seasoning machine.

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