Coated peanut processing line | peanut burger coating machine

coated peanut production line
coated peanut production line

The coated peanut processing line is used to make coated peanuts. It takes peanuts as raw materials, then coated a layer of syrup or glutinous rice flour on the outside of roasted mature peanuts. The coated peanuts produced by the coated peanut production line have bright colors and smooth baking. All peanut processing machines have the characteristics of high output, low noise, stable operation, and no pollution.

Two kinds of coated peanuts

There are two different processing methods for coated peanuts, one is frying and the other is baking. The production process of these two kinds of coated peanuts is roughly the same, but the heating method is different after the coating. These two types of coated peanuts have different flavors. Roasted coated peanuts have a smooth appearance and a crisp taste. The fried coated peanuts have a frosted texture and a unique flavor.

The two kinds of coated peanut are rich in nutrients and contain a variety of vitamins, which can promote human growth and development, enhance memory, and delay aging.

working video of flour coated peanut processing line

Automatic coated peanut processing line process

Peanut roasting machine–peanut peeling machine–coating machine–swing oven–cooling machine—seasoning machine–packaging machine

Coated peanut production process
Coated Peanut Production Process

Peanut roaster

Peanut roaster machine
Coated Peanut Processing Line | Peanut Burger Coating Machine 11

The peanut roaster is used to roast peanuts to mature. The peanut roaster is suitable for roasting a variety of raw materials, and the applicable heating sources are various. Using this drum roaster can reduce the breakage rate of peanuts. The machine has large production output and high efficiency.

Peanut peeling machine

Peanut peeler
Peanut Peeler

After roasting, need a dry peanut peeler to remove the peanut red skin. The peanut peeling machine adopts the working principle of differential rolling friction transmission to remove peanut skin. After roasted peanuts enter the peeling area formed by the friction sand, the peanut kernels and peanut skins are automatically separated. And the use of this machine can keep more complete peanut kernels. This machine is suitable for peeling peanuts after roasting. If it is raw peanuts, you need a wet peanut peeler to peel the peanuts.

Peanut coating machine

Nut coating machine
Nut Coating Machine

The peanut coating machine is the special equipment specially used for coating the surface of peanuts. The coating machine drives by the motor to rotate the sugar-coated pot body, and under the action of centrifugal force, the material rolls up and down in the pot and rubs to achieve the sugar-coated mixing. The surface of peanuts processed by this machine is smooth. The machine has the characteristics of stable operation, low noise, safety, and health.

Swing oven

Swing oven
Swing Oven

The swing oven mainly used to bake granular foods such as peanuts and pistachios. When the machine runs, the raw materials stays on the horizontal baking pan.The baking pan moves in a horizontal direction while heating the bottom. The granular food is heated evenly by rolling on the baking sheet. The peanuts roasted in the swing oven have a smooth surface and do not change color. The machine has high production efficiency, low food crushing rate and uniform color.

Cooling machine

Cooling machine
Cooling Machine

After roasting, use a cooler to cool the coated peanuts. The machine consists of a variable speed drive, a cooling box and a cooling fan. The motor drives the cooling fan to rotate the roasted peanuts.

Seasoning machine

Coated peanut seasoning machine
Coated Peanut Seasoning Machine

Seasoning machine is used to evenly mix the coated peanuts and seasoning. It is driven by the motor to keep the machine rotating, so that the raw materials and spices are evenly mixed together.

Pellet packaging machine

Granule packaging machine
Granule Packaging Machine

The last step of the coated peanut processing line is to pack the coated peanuts with a pellet packaging machine. This machine is suitable for packaging grains, all kinds of dried, medicinal materials, snacks, and other granular foods. The packaging machine controls by a multi-function control panel, which can adjust the packaging weight and the number of packaging bags. The key parts adopt stainless steel, and the sealing part adopts a well-heated aluminum block. It can heat up quickly and have a good sealing effect. In addition, we can equip a coder for the machine to code the packaging date or company logo on the packaging bag according to customer requirements.

Advantages of peanut coating machines

1. All machines in production line are made of food grade stainless steel,which is durable and safe usage;

2. The coated peanut production line can realize continuous operation, with high production efficiency and large output, which can save a lot of human resources;

3. The final coated peanuts have the characteristics of low damage rate, uniform coating and good color;

4. We can customize different production plans to meet the different needs of customers.

Peanut coating machine in Nigeria

Peanut coating machine in Nigeria

The peanut burger coating machine is used to spread raw materials such as sugar water and flour on the surface of peanuts. This machine can be used alone or combined with baking machine, seasoning machine, packaging machine and other production lines for mass production

The development of almond peeler

Almonds are also very popular as ingredients in casual snacks, baked goods, and other fields. Therefore, the need for almond peeler is increasing.

Wet and dry peanut peeling machine | almond peeler

Wet peanut peeling machine is to remove the red skin of peanut, and it also can be used for almond, broad bean, soybean and mung bean etc. The peeling rate of this machine can reach 95%, and the peeled peanut is intact. It is widely used for the pre-processing of peanut frying line and other food industries.

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