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Fried food seasoning machine is used to wrap the seasoning on the product in the later stage of food processing, and it is suitable for various fried and non-fried foods. There are currently two flavoring machines, that is, octagonal seasoning machine and drum type seasoning machine.

A fried food seasoning machine is used to wrap the seasoning on the product in the later stage of food processing, and it is suitable for various fried and non-fried foods. There are currently two flavoring machines, that is, an octagonal seasoning machine and a drum-type seasoning machine. Taizy fried food flavoring machine bears a simple structure, and can fully mix the food with the required seasoning in a short time. What’s more, it can automatically tilt the food out of the machine, widely applying to the food processing industry.

Type one: octagonal seasoning machine

It is designed as an octagonal shape, which avoids the disadvantage that the raw materials do not roll completely. The sphere part is stainless steel, and it can realize automatic mixing and discharge. The octagonal seasoning machine is often fit for the food processing line with a rather small scale.

Advantages of octagonal flavoring machine

1. It adopts gear motor and gear driving, and the fried food will not be broken during seasoning,

2. Automatic mixing, uniform mixing, easy operation, and high output.

3. The rotating speed and inclination of the octagonal roller can be adjusted, and the amount of seasoning can also be controlled by yourself.

4. The octagonal design enables that the food and seasoning can completely be mixed in a short time.

5. Automatically tilt out the food materials, stable rotation, and low noise

The two octagonal structures seasoning machine

If you want to improve the working efficiency, you can choose the seasoning machine with octagonal structures.

Seasoning machine 1
Two Octagonal Structures Seasoning Machine

The structure of fried food seasoning machine

The seasoning machine composes of the mainframe, the roller, the seasoning roller, the transmission system, the dusting system, and the powdering transmission system. The fried food seasoning machine can apply in the chin chin production line, green peas processing line.

Work steps of fried food flavoring machine

1. Turn on the seasoning machine

2. Start the octagonal drum motor, the drum will slowly start to normal speed. And then open the dusting motor.

3. Transfer the raw materials that need to be seasoned from the inlet to the machine.

4. Turn on the dusting motor to sprinkle the seasoning evenly in the drum.

5. The rotary speed is adjustable. If it is too high, you can turn the knob of the inverter to the left, the speed can be slow. If the material moves forward in the drum too fast, you can reduce the slope of the drum.

Working principle of the octagonal flavoring machine

The material falls into the drum, which is driven upward by the stirring device and mixed with the seasoning powder. During work, seasonings are always kept in the dusting box. When the seasonings are insufficient, they should be added in time.

Type two: Continuously drum type seasoning machine

The continuous drum type seasoning machine is fully automatic seasoning equipment. It equips with automatic powdering mixing, adjustable inclination, easy operation, and high output. It is suitable for large-scale continuous food production lines.

The advantage of continuously drum type flavoring machine

1. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, the mixing time is adjustable.

2. The seasoning mixing is uniform, and it can be used alone or with the production line.

3. It can season and mix foods of different shapes.

4. The length and diameter of the seasoning drum can be customized according to customer needs.

What should you note?

1. Before starting the fried food seasoning machine, you should check whether there is any looseness in the fastening parts. Check the power cord for damage and whether the voltage meets the requirements.

2. After the machine has been running safely for one minute, stop it and put in the required raw materials for mixing and seasoning.

3. After working for a while, check whether the required seasoning materials are evenly mixed.

When working, some seasonings will inevitably come out. To solve this problem, we have designed a new seasoning machine. It can collect excess spices and reuse them,

Seasoning machinery
New Design Seasoning Machine