Beef burger patty maker sold to Spain

beef burger patty maker for Spain

The beef burger patty maker machine can automatically complete the filling, forming, pasting, output, and other processes of beef filling. The meat pie machine is an ideal patty forming equipment for fast food restaurants, distribution centers, and food factories. Recently, a restaurant owner located in Spain ordered a burger patty forming machine from our Taizy factory for processing beef patties with a diameter of 110mm and a thickness of 10-20mm.

Beef patties
beef patties

Why buy a burger patty maker for Spain?

The Spanish client has a local restaurant and a small food processing factory with an annual revenue of 1.5 million euros. The customer said that there is a small burger patty maker in his factory, which has been used for about two years. In order to improve the processing efficiency, the customer intends to purchase another large patty machine for processing beef patties of larger size.

The Spanish customer said that he wanted to buy a large-scale beef patty maker machine for processing beef patties with a diameter of 110mm to 130mm and a thickness of 1-2cm. The meat patties currently being processed by this customer have multiple specifications, namely 130 grams, 150 grams, 170 grams, 180 grams, and 200 grams.

Burger patty machine requirements
burger patty machine requirements

How did we serve this customer for the beef burger patty forming machine?

The Spanish customer contacted our factory in March this year. We have drawn up two quotations according to the customer’s needs, one is a beef burger patty processing plan with large output, and the other is a burger patty maker with small output. The customer is very interested in the large-volume quotation but thinks the price is high and hopes that our factory can give him a discount.

Based on comprehensive consideration, we reduced or exempted the shipping fee by several hundred dollars for the customer, and the customer indicated that the discounted price was acceptable. However, due to the impact of the European epidemic, the customer said that his factory would be forced to close for a period of time, so he did not pay immediately.

In addition, the customer also consulted us about meat pie freezing equipment and meat patty packaging machine, but due to a limited budget, they did not intend to purchase them. Just last month, the customer said that his factory was ready for normal business, so he took the initiative to contact us, and we updated the quotation for him. After confirming all the details, the customer finally purchased a production unit from our factory. It is a burger patty maker machine with 35 slices per minute.

Parameters of beef burger patty machine for Spain

Voltage: 220V 50hz,single phase
Power: 0.55kw
Weight: 100kg
Size: 850*600*1400mm
Shape: round shaped
Diameter: 0-110mm
Thickness: 8-18mm