Automatic hamburger forming machine | patty making machine

hamburger patty forming machine
The automatic hamburger patty machine is a commercial burger patty machine. It can make all kinds of meat patties, beef patties, potato patties, etc.

The hamburger patty machine is suitable for the formation of various patties and vegetable patties. By replacing the molds of different shapes and sizes, different specifications products can be produced. It is special equipment for food forming. It is suitable for any butcher, deli, small supermarket, cafe, takeaway, etc. The burger patty machine can combine an automatic production line with a battering machine, breading machine, and frying machine.

Commercial hamburger patty machine application

Because the hamburger patty machine can replace the abrasive tools to make products of different shapes and sizes. And its raw materials are also very wide. So the burger patty machine has a wide range of applications. Its raw materials can be chicken, beef, pork, lamb, fish, shrimp, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, green beans, etc. Its final products can be hamburger patties, fish cakes, vegetarian patties, potato cakes, pumpkin pie, vegetable hamburgers, and other products.

The hamburger patty maker machine working video

The automatic hamburger patty machine technical

conveyor speed35pcs/min
mesh belt speed130mm
capacity 50-100kg/h

Burger patty machine working principle

The automatic hamburger patty maker machine can automatically complete the filling, forming, sticker, and discharging of materials. It adopts the feeding paddle and the forming drum to operate synchronously so that the material can automatically fill into the machine’s mold. The meat filling forms in the mold and automatically formed and discharged when it rotates to the bottom. The mold part can be disassembled as a whole, so it is very convenient to adjust the thickness of the patties.

The automatic burger patty machine advantages

  1. The forming machine is made of 304 stainless, the mold can be customized according to customers’ requirement;
  2. The machine is automatic filling and cutting, comply with food production hygiene standards;
  3. The conveyor speed is 35pcs/min, the forming size and weight are uniform, and the color of frying will be bright after entering the frying process;
  4. A device can be added to place wax paper under the hamburger patties to prevent the patties from sticking when stacked or packed;
  5. It is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, can be used for making meat patties, aquatic products, fruits, and vegetables.
  6. The automatic patty forming machine can produce hamburger patties according to the set weight.
  7. Burger patty forming machine has the characteristics of fast production, stable structure, and easy maintenance.

Precautions for using hamburger patty machine

1. First check the following parts of the machine: whether the wires and mechanical parts are loose; whether there is butter in the lubricating oil cup; whether the protective cover is installed in place.

2. The hamburger patty machine should be placed on a flat table.

3. Before use, insert the power cord plug into the socket and use three-phase electricity. And check whether there are impurities in the machine.

4. Turn on the power button, after the indicator light is on, the machine can run normally.

5. After turning on the device, it will start timing, and the data will be cleared automatically by pressing the clear key.

Final product show

Hamburger patty machine final product
Hamburger Patty Machine Final Product

In order to meet the production requirements of large patties manufacturers, we also provide a burger patty production line. The production line includes a sizing machine, a flouring machine, a thickening machine, a drum flouring machine, a bran feeding machine, a frying machine, and other machines. The burger patty production line can automatically complete the work of sizing, flouring, bran, frying, etc. It meets the production needs of most finished products.

Image 1524107345 breading machine 2 1
breading machine

Automatic hamburger patty machine exported to the Philippines

A customer from the Philippines wanted to make beef patties. His beef patty’s size is 110mm in diameter and 20mm in thickness. We have two models of machines. One can produce a maximum diameter of 100mm and a thickness of 18mm, and the other can produce a maximum of 135mm in diameter and 20mm in thickness. According to the customer’s request, we recommend that he use a large-scale beef burger machine. The burger meat machine has a larger model. It can make two or three models in one row if you make a smaller sizes. Therefore, the hamburger patty machine can produce multiple patties at a time, which can expand the production output.

The customer not only requested round beef patties, but he also wanted us to customize the mold according to the shape and size of the drawings he provided. We can fully meet the needs of this Filipino customer. Moreover, our burger patty machine also has an automatic waste cleaning device. Compared with manual waste cleaning, it is more convenient to clean waste and saves customers time. Since the customer’s raw material is beef, which has more fiber, we recommend this machine that can automatically remove excess fiber and waste. The customer was very satisfied with our machines and professional sales, and soon, the customer placed an order.