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batter coating machine

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Batter necessity

The battering machine is used to wrap batter on the surface of products before frying. After the food is covered, a protective layer is formed to make sure the food’s protein and other nutrients are not destroyed by high temperatures, which can lock the fresh flavor of the food and retain the fresh taste of the food.

The battering machine can be used alone for wrapping batter of chicken, fish, vegetable cakes, and other products. It also can be used for battering before breading or flooring in the frying production line.

The batter function machine include two types,one is waterfall type machine;another is stealth type machine.

Two kinds of battering machines

Type 1:Waterfall battering machine

The waterfall type machine, which spreads batter evenly on the product through the batter curtain and the batter bath at the bottom. When the product passes through the conveyor belt, the product’s bottom will be covered with a layer of batter when passing through the conveyor belt. At the other end of the conveyor, there will be a layer of the slurry curtain, the batter will be evenly spread the batter to the product from the above. In the end, the battering work is finish. 

The waterfall type battering machine is suitable for the slurry with good fluidity, and the food passes through the slurry that continuously falls like a waterfall through the conveyor belt so that the food is evenly battered, and the food slurries such as pork chops and fish steaks can be quickly completed. The thickness of the batter is adjustable.

Battering machine details

battering machine slurry device
battering machine slurry device

Four slurry screens to make the slurry uniform, and the position of the slurry screen can be adjusted

battering machine slurry pump
battering machine slurry pump

The slurry conveying pump runs stably and has little damage to the viscosity of the slurry

battering machine slurry curtain
battering machine slurry curtain

Slurry curtain effect

The waterfall battering machine advantages:

1. Convenient operation, sanitary, safe and reliable.

2. The shear of the slurry conveying pump on the slurry conveying is small, and the degree of damage to the viscosity of the slurry is small;

3. Four screens to make the leaching uniform; and the position of the screen can be adjusted;

4. The fan has strong power, which can blow off excess slurry and make the product surface smooth.

Type 2:Stealth battering machine

waterfall battering machine
waterfall battering machine

The stealth-type machine is to wrap a layer batter on the product by immersing the product in the slurry. This type of machine is suitable for thicker slurry. You should put the prepared slurry into the slurry tank first, and then put the food on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt will automatically transport the food into the slurry tank so that the food is completely immersed in the slurry completely. This stealth battering machine is suitable for tempura products, poultry, seafood, vegetables, and other products.

The stealth-type battering machine advantages

1. The machine has upper and lowers double mesh belts so that the product is completely immersed in the slurry and the slurry is evenly wrapped;

2.There is an ice layer in the slurry tank to maintain low temperature and ensure the quality of the batter;

3.The distance between the upper and lower mesh belts can be adjusted, so it has a wide range apply;

4.It also can be wrapped smoothly for high viscosity slurry;

5.The converyor speed is controlled by the frequency converter, stepless speed regulation;

6.The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and can be easily disassembled and cleaned without special tools.

In short, the two type machines are wrapped batter for products, then turn to next breadcrumbs or frying next. The waterfall-type machine can use for thin and thickness batter; the stealth-type is mainly for a thick batter.

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