How to remove excess oil from fried food?

fried food

It usually produces excess oil on the surface of the finished product during frying. If there is too much oil, the fried food will have a greasy feel, which will influence the flavor of the food. Therefore, when using a commercial fryer to fry food, then need a food deoiling machine to remove excess oil.

Four kinds of fried food deoiling machine

According to different de-oiling methods, there are four de-oiling machines:

Centrifugal deoiling machine

Centrifugal deoiler
Centrifugal Deoiler

The centrifugal deoiling machine uses the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation to deoil. The machine can set the deoiling time. Moreover, the centrifugal deoiling machine also can be used to dehydrate, so it is suitable for dehydration and de-oiling work in small frying production lines.

Upper discharge deoiling machine

Upper discharge de-oiling machine
Upper Discharge De-Oiling Machine

The upper-discharge deoiling machine performs centrifugal deoiling inside the deoiling machine. And then it will turn over the deoiling frame to pour the material out from the upper part of the machine. This machine consists of all stainless steel and adopts a digital display. The upper discharge food de-oiling machine has the characteristics of digital precision, stable operation, and a high de-oiling rate.

Bottom discharge deoiling machine

The basic working principle of the bottom discharge deoiling machine is similar to that of the upper discharge deoiling machine. But its discharging method is to pour from the machine bottom. Therefore, this food deoiling machine usually needs to equip with a hoist so that can transport materials in time after de-oiling.

Vibration deoiling machine

Continuous deoiling machine
Vibration Deoiling Machine

The vibration degreasing machine uses the vibration of the machine to make the material toss up and down on the machine. So as to remove excess grease on the surface of the material. There are two vibrating motors to drive the machine. After degreasing, the removed oil flows out through a small hole at the bottom of the machine, which can use twice.

Similarities between the food deoiling machine

1. All food de-oiling machines adopt 304 stainless steel, which is safe, sanitary, durable, and corrosion-resistant;

2. All degreasing machine have shockproof function to ensure safe and stable operation;

3. All have different models, you can choose a suitable de-oiling machine according to the output of the frying machine;

4. All machines can use in frying production line.

Fried chicken nuggets
fried chicken nuggets

How to choose a suitable commercial food deoiling machine?

Although the four food de-oiling machines have many similarities, the applicable de-oiling machines are different for different frying production lines.

The centrifugal de-oiling machine is suitable for de-oiling in the small frying production line, and it can be matched with the square fryer machine. The upper discharge or lower discharge deoiling machine can be used in conjunction with the round tipping bucket fryer. It can be used in semi-automatic or fully automatic production lines. The vibration deoiling machine is generally connected to a large frying production line, and it also has the function of transporting materials. When selecting a food deoiling machine, you can choose a suitable de-oiling machine according to the different production outputs.

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