3 types de-oiling machine | de-oiler for fried food

de-oil machine for fried food
The de-oil machine is mainly used for de-oiling after frying, so as to remove the excess oil on the surface of the material.

The fried food de-oiling machine is suitable for the food processing industry. It is mainly used for de-oiling after frying, so as to keep the appearance of the material beautiful and remove the excess oil on the surface of the material, which is not only conducive to saving oil but also convenient for the next seasoning or freezing. We have three types of de-oiling machines, Centrifugal deoiling, continuous deoil machine and downward discharge deoil machine.

Type one  Centrifugal de-oiler

The centrifugal de-oil machine uses centrifugal motion as the working principle. The motor drives the tank to move at a high speed. The high-speed movement of the material in the tank causes the oil to splash from the surface of the material onto the liner to achieve the effect of deoiling.

Centrifugal Deoil Machine



Centrifugal deoiler highlights

1.The whole Centrifugal deoiler machine is made of all 304 stainless steel,meet the requirement of food hygiene;

2.Bearing support at the bottom to reduce wear when the machine rotates and keep the machine works steadily;

3.Equipped with a time setting device to control the deoiling time, which can be flexibly set according to the material deoiling time;

4.Equipped with top cover to prevent oil splashing when deoilling;

5.Large-diameter drain hole, concentrated oil treatment after deoiling, to prevent outflow everywhere.

Type two  continuous de-oil machine

The continuous de-oiling machine is mainly used in the automatic french fries production line. After frying, the chips are automatically transferred from the continuous fryer to the vibrating degreasing screen. The vibrating degreasing screen vibrates under the drive of the vibrating motor, and the material vibrates up and down on the machine, causing the oil on the surface of the fries to vibrate on the vibrating screen, The machine has a certain amplitude to transmit French fries during vibration.

Continuous Deoil Machine

SizeVoltage  PowerCapacity

Note: The de-oiler machine can be customize according to customer requirement.

The chips de-oiling machine advantage

1.The fried food de-oiling machine is made of stainless steel, and the surface of the sieve plate is perforated to facilitate the oil to the lower plate;

2. There are two partitions on the degreasing screen to divide the board surface into three parts so that the materials are evenly distributed on the board surface to avoid the accumulation of materials;

3.The tray below is used to catch the oil flowing down from the degreasing screen, and the bottom has holes for easy cleaning;

4.There is a vibration motor on both sides, large vibration, better oil removal effect.

Type three  upward & downward discharge de-oiler machine

The automatic discharge de-oiler include upward discharge and downward discharge de-oiling machine, it adopts the principle of centrifugation, throws out the oil on the surface of the material through the high-speed rotation of the inner cylinder, and recovers the oil; after deoiling, the material can be automatically lifted and poured out from the upper outlet, or from below discharge. The two kinds of de-oiling machines are generally equipped with the automatic round frying machine.


upward discharge de-oil machine


downward discharge de-oil machine


Automatic discharge de-oiling machine advantage:

1.The automatic discharging de-oiling machine adopts all stainless steel, fully enclosed digital control, high oil removal;

2.The de-oiling machine has reinforced base, it will be stable during work;

3.A three-leg suspension structure is adopted, which has better shock absorption effect;

4. Triangle tape drive, the starting wheel is driven by the motor, slowly start to the normal speed, the operation is stable without vibration.