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automatic food frying machinery

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An automatic food frying machine is used for commercial frying of vegetables and fruits. It is a mesh belt fryer machine. It has a wide range of fryings, such as deep-fried chicken nuggets, onion rings, meatloaf, french fries, tempura shrimp, and other ingredients. Commercial food fryer meets the production requirements of modern business. It can achieve continuous frying, so the production output is large.

And the automatic food frying machine is an oil-water separation type fryer. So compared to other frying machines, the continuous frying machine has the characteristics of saving oil. Due to the large production output, energy-saving and environmental protection, and precise temperature control of the potato chips frying machine, it can meet the requirements of most fried food manufacturers.

potato chips frying machine
potato chips frying machine

Automatic food frying machine types

In order to meet the production requirements of different customers, we provide machines with electric, gas, and gasoline heating systems. And according to the customer’s capacity requirement, we have 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, and more capacity food frying machine.

To meet the customer’s production output, we can provide customers with unique customized solutions. This not only includes the customization of machine length, material, voltage, and other elements. In addition, we also provide fruit and vegetable vacuum frying machines and automatic food frying machines with smaller output. No matter what type of commercial frying machine you need, we will provide you with a high-quality machine with a sturdy design.

Advantages of the potato chips frying machine

1.Strong and sturdy. We use all 304 materials to manufacture the continuous fryer, which ensures the robustness and durability of the machine and the corrosion-resistant type.

1. Environmental protection and hygiene. The bottom equips with an automatic scraping device, so the bottom frying residue is automatically cleaned while frying. Thus avoid the accumulation of residues and cause a fire. And the top of the machine equips with a fume collection device, so the fume can be discharged in time, ensuring a clean indoor working environment.

2. wide range of uses. An automatic food frying machine is suitable for the frying of various raw materials. For example, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, pasta, and other raw materials. This versatility can help customers save huge investment, and it can be used in one machine.

3. Good frying effect. The continuous fryer can precisely control the frying time and temperature. Therefore, the quality and bright color of the product can be ensured.

4. Energy saving. The potato chips frying machine adopts oil-water separation technology, which greatly meets the producer’s idea of saving oil consumption. And the machine can form an oil circulation filtration system with an oil tank and oil filter to filter the oil while frying. This not only improves the quality of frying but also extends the life cycle of the oil.

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