Precautions for the automatic continuous fryer

automatic continuous frying machine
The continuous automatic frying machine has the characteristics of simple operation, fast heating, time saving, oil saving and long life. What should be paid attention to during use, so as to use the machine correctly and extend the service life of the machine?

The automatic continuous fryer is also called a continuous mesh belt fryer. It has the advantages of large output, easy operation, fuel-saving, power-saving, and long service life. The continuous frying machine is widely applied in frying production lines, such as popcorn chicken production line, puffed food production line, etc. Let me introduce you to some advantages and precautions for automatic continuous fryer machines.

Advantages of the automatic continuous frying machine

  • Advanced oil-water separation technology. The oil-water separation overcomes the defects of conventional frying machines. It greatly saves oil while ensuring the quality of frying.
  • Oil circulation system. The oil circulation system of the automatic continuous fryer can ensure the automatic circulation and filtration of oil, which greatly extends the service life of frying oil, without frequent oil replacement.
  • Automatic slag scraping. During the frying process, the oil residue will appear. And the residue will be automatically scraped to ensure the cleanliness of the frying, save manual operations, and ensure a clean environment for the operation.
  • Mechanical configuration and operating system. The automatic continuous fryer is easy to operate, can maintain a good working condition, not only improves the output but also makes the product quality stable.
Automatic continuous fryer machine
Automatic Continuous Fryer Machine

What should be paid attention to when using a mesh belt fryer

  • Before using the continuous mesh belt fryer, check whether the fryer’s instrument is operating normally;
  • Before using the continuous frying machine, add water and oil to the fryer to avoid burning the heating tube;
  • During use, do not add water to the fryer;
  • The impurities on the heating tube should be cleaned regularly to avoid damage to the heating tube during heating;
  • When frying foods with high water content, pay attention to the appropriate amount to avoid excessive oil splashing;
  • If there is any abnormality during the frying process, they should be cut off the power immediately, then let the professional electrician inspect the mesh belt fryer machine.
Small customized mesh belt fryer
Small Customized Mesh Belt Fryer

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