Puffed food production line / fried food processing machine

Puffed food production line is to deeply fry all kinds of puffed food and snack. It includes hoist, mesh belt frying machine and seasoning machine and air drying machine.

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Puffed food production line is to deeply fry all kinds of puffed food and snack. It includes hoist, mesh belt frying machine and seasoning machine, air drying machine and packing machine. The whole fried food processing machine has high degree of automatic, saving time and energy.


The hoist is suitable for the transportation and selection of various foods, precision instruments, hardware accessories, various fasteners, and powder materials. The frame is made of high-quality steel and meets the national standards. The operation is stable and reliable, and can also be customized according to user requirements.


The advantages of hoist

1. The hoist runs smoothly with low noise.

2. The belt has small elasticity and is not easy to deform. Meanwhile, it is easy to maintain, which enhances the consistency of conveying and greatly improves its work efficiency.

3. It adopts stepless speed regulation, and you can customize according to the feature of your raw material. In the puffed food production line, the width of mesh belt is 500mm.

4. The hoist has a compact structure and a high degree of automation. It replaces heavy manual labor,greatly saving your time and energy.

Technical parameter

Material304 stainless steel
The width of mesh belt500mm
Motor power0.55KW
PU belt800mm

Mesh belt fryer

The oil temperature of the mesh belt fryer in puffed food production line is automatically controlled, and you can set it freely from 0 to 230 degrees. It is suitable for frying various foods. The food produced by this machine process is bright in color, and it solve the problem of excessive acidification during frying. With independent power distribution box, the operation is simple and safe. The running speed is controlled by frequency conversion, which saves manpower and ensures that the product has the same color and taste.

Mesh belt fryer

In addition, it configures the circulation filtration system, which includes coarse filters, high temperature circulation pumps, and pipelines, etc. Mesh belt fryer integrates automatic feeding, discharging, temperature control, slag scraping and filtering as a whole

Technical parameter (electric heating)

ModelDimension(mm)Weight(kg)Power(kw)Capacity(kg/h)Mesh belt width(mm)

Technical parameter (gas heating)


Advantages of mesh belt fryer

1. Double-layer conveyor belt with scraper. The spiral braided mesh belt can be lifted up with the bracket as a whole, which is convenient for cleaning the internal sanitation of the oil tank. There are motor chain lifting and mesh belt bracket type, which can lift the machine quickly, and the height is about 450mm.

2. The thickness of the oil tank board is 3mm with double-layer insulation. The insulation material is 5cm with aluminum silicate board.The shell guard is made of 0.8mm brushed stainless steel cold plate.

3. There is an automatic slag scraping system at the bottom of the oil tank, so there is no residue to remain. An external automatic filtering system allows the residue suspended in the oil layer to be filtered into the oil filter.

4. There is a shield on the oil tank to facilitate the exhaust of oil smoke and steam. The whole is made of 1.0mm brushed stainless steel plate.

5. Electric heating tube heating power is72kw, and it can control temperature automatically with frequency conversion speed regulation.

6. The electric heating tube is designed as “Z” shape, which is controlled in three stages in the middle of the lower mesh belt to improve the frying effect.

Continuously drum type seasoning machine

The continuously drum type seasoning machine is to add the seasonings on the fried food, It integrates automatic seasoning mixing and discharging as a whole, widely applying to the large-scale continuous food production lines.Most important, it can mix the fried food and seasoning evenly.

seasoning machine

Technical parameter


Air drying machine

Air drying machine is to fully dry the fried food for easy packing. There are several fans on the machine, and the number of it can be customized. All the fried food can be dried evenly within short time. What’s more, you can adjust the angle of fans for better drying.

Air drying machine

The technical parameter 

Mesh belt width1000mm 
The Speed adjustment modemanual speed adjustmentmanual speed adjustment
Number of fans12 fans10 fans
Power 12KW, 380V / 50Hz7.5KW,380V / 50Hz
Materialhigh-quality food-grade stainless steelhigh-quality food-grade stainless steel
The thickness of fan fixing plate2mm 

Packing machine

The packing machine is the last step, and we usually use ten-bucket packing machine to pack them. Compared with another packing machine on the market, it bears higher precision. It has wide application, and can pack all kinds of puffed food.

Packing machine

Technical parameter

Maximum weight1000g
Single weighing range10-1000 g
Weighing accuracy±0.3~1.5 g
Weighing capacityMaximum 3000cc
Weighing speed60 times / minute
Application50 kinds of food
Control components8.4 inch button screen
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