Seasoning drum tumbler machine delivered to Germany

drum seasoning machine
Due to its continuous work, the drum seasoning machine is widely used in the seasoning of potato chips, nuts, popcorn, and other products.

The industry seasoning machine applied for the seasoning of fried food, puffed food, and other foods. The machine has a reasonable structure and simple operation, suitable for mass seasoning work. Therefore, it is widely used in large-scale production lines, such as potato chip production lines and popcorn production lines. Recently we exported a seasoning machine and food extruder machine to Germany.

Seasoning tumbler machine order details

The German customer owns a snack food processing plant that specializes in making various puffed snack foods. He sold these snacks to food distributors after packaging. In order to expand his production output, he needs to add an additional extruder and seasoning machine.

Food seasoning machine delivered to germany
Food Seasoning Machine Delivered To Germany

After a short talk, we learned that he needs a multi-functional puffing machine that can produce a variety of puffed foods. The seasoning machine must realize continuous work. Therefore, we recommended him a multifunctional extruder, which can puff a variety of grains. And he can produce foods of different shapes by changing different molds. We chose a drum seasoning tumbler machine for him. The machine can automatically spray seasonings, and can automatically feed and discharge materials to achieve continuous production.

Puffed food market demand continues to grow

Seasoned snack
Seasoned Snack

Puffed snacks are puffed foods made from various cereal powders, flavoring agents, and water, and then fully puffed by a twin-screw extruder. They have the characteristics of rich nutrition and crisp taste and are a kind of health food suitable for all ages. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. With the upgrading of consumption, the development of the snack food industry is growing day by day. French fries, potato chips, puffed food, popcorn, and other major products occupy the main market. With the increase in market demand, the number of suppliers is gradually increasing. Therefore, the demand for puffed food extruders and seasoning machines is also increasing.

Potato chips seasoning machine
Potato Chips Seasoning Machine

At present, we have exported puffing extruders and seasoning tumbler machines to many countries.