What oil is suitable for high-temperature frying?

high temperature frying
When using a commercial fryer machine for high-temperature frying, different vegetable oils have different stability and will produce different reactions.What oil is suitable for high-temperature frying?

When using a commercial fryer machine to fry food, the low-temperature frying temperature is generally 130-170 degrees, and the high-temperature frying temperature is generally 170-230 degrees. Different edible oils have different smoke points and melting points, which results in different oils being suitable for different frying temperatures. If used improperly, some harmful substances may be produced.

Fried principle of commercial fryer machine

Fried food is mainly cooked with oil as the heating medium. The main component of edible oil is triglyceride. When the oil reaches the smoking point, the tri-acid rod grease disintegrates. And the fatty acids and glycerin inside are released into the air. At the same time, there is a harmful chemical substance in the oil smoke that can cause lung cancer. The higher the oil temperature, the harmful chemical substances produced are also higher.

Therefore, when using a commercial fryer machine to fry food, you should consider using stable cooking oil.

Commercial fryer
Commercial Fryer

Several aspects that should be considered when frying

The smoke point of oil–choose high smoke point oil

The smoke point is the lowest temperature at which heated oil starts to produce smoke. At this temperature, some volatile substances in edible oil will evaporate from the oil. Edible oils with higher smoke points will have a more stable performance when fried at high temperatures.

Therefore, we should use edible oils with high smoking points. Smoke point: soybean oil> corn oil> peanut oil> olive oil

Oxidation stability-Use oils rich in saturated fatty acids

The smoke point is not the only basis for judgment, we should also consider the oxidation stability of the oil. The higher the content of saturated fatty acids in fats and oils, the less likely to be oxidized and the less lipid oxides they produce.

Saturated fatty acid content: palm oil> animal oil> olive oil, wild tea oil> peanut oil> corn oil> soybean oil> rapeseed oil> sesame oil, flax oil, etc.

Vegetable oil
Vegetable oil

Low cholesterol

Cholesterol promotes inflammation, promotes the proliferation of precancerous cells.It is even associated with civilized social diseases such as dementia and inflammatory bowel diseases. Animal products such as milk, meat, eggs, and oil almost all contain a certain amount of cholesterol.

Therefore, when using a commercial fryer to fry at high temperature, try to avoid using animal oils such as butter and lard.

Antioxidants-choose oils rich in natural antioxidants

Unsaturated fatty acids in oils can easily react with free radicals and oxygen to deteriorate. The role of antioxidants is to seize the free machine to react with fatty acids when they are oxidized. Choosing edible oil rich in antioxidants will increase the heat resistance and oxidation resistance of the oil.

What oil is suitable for high temperatures in a commercial fryer machine?

In summary, we know that when using a commercial fryer machine at high temperature, we should try to choose edible oil with a high smoke point, rich in saturated fatty acids, low cholesterol, and rich in antioxidants. Therefore, olive oil, peanut oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and other edible vegetable oils can be recommended.