Are fried foods must harmful to humans?

fry food

When it comes to fried foods, many people think that the heat of fried foods is very high, and the production of fat polymers at high temperatures is also worrying.

Fries food
Fried Foods

Many fitness enthusiasts also avoid fried foods, but are fried foods really useless? Some studies have shown that fried foods can provide energy for a longer period of time, and even studies have shown that fried food may also have a positive effect on insulin levels in some obese women.

So fried food is not exactly equal to junk food, the key is what oil to use,what to fry, how to fry.

What oil to use

The used cooking oil not only affects the taste of the food but also produces PAH. The European Food Safety Agency has shown significant concern about these health-influencing compounds and recommended that when frying foods, attention should be paid to cleaning. When frying, vegetable oil should be selected as much as possible (saturated fatty acids are generally around 15%). Such as olive oil, canola oil, almond, corn, peanut, or walnut oil.

What to fry

During the frying process, certain nutrients will be lost. Because the temperature of the oil is higher than water, the water on the surface of the food will evaporate and the protein will solidify. In general, the loss of protein is about 6%, and the loss of carbohydrates is about 9%, and the fat loss is about 12%; it shows that the loss of protein and minerals is relatively small.

Fries food
Fried Chicken Wings

Therefore, the nutritional of meat is not much lost when frying. Nuts and fruits are not recommended for frying.

How to fry

The temperature of frying, the frying environment will also affect the quality of fried food.

The general recommended temperature when frying is about 170 to 190 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too low, there will be a “raw oil” smell. If the temperature is too high, the food will dry too quickly, and the fat will easily oxidize…

The frying machine also has a certain influence on the flavor of frying. At least it is necessary to think about which parts of the ingredients are immersed in the oil. At the same time, you should pay attention to the problem of oil smoke. The kitchen must maintain good smoking and ventilation.