Seasoning machine applied in potato chips plant

potato chips seasoning machine
In large production lines such as potato chip production lines and puffed snack production lines, a drum seasoning machine is usually needed for continuous seasoning.

In the production of potato chips, in order to obtain a unique taste, it is usually necessary to season potato chips. In commercial production, it needs a food flavoring machine for seasoning. The potato chip seasoning machine can realize continuous and uninterrupted production, and can automatically spread the ingredients. The machine is also suitable for seasoning in other snack production.

Global fried and puffed food market is expanding

Today, fried and puffed foods are constantly sought after by people. It has characteristics of good taste, easy digestion, cheap to carry, and wide application scenarios. And the investment cost of the puffed food machine is low and the efficiency is high. Therefore, in recent years, the fried puffed food market has gradually expanded. More and more factories have begun to produce fried puffed food.

Food seasoning machine for puffed snacks
Food Seasoning Machine For Puffed Snacks

Application of potato chip seasoning machine

In order to ensure the taste of fried and puffed products, it usually needs a food seasoning machine for seasoning. Compared with other seasoning machines, potato chips seasoning machines are drum-shaped. It can continuously work and can equip with the conveyor to realize feeding and discharging automatically in the production line. Therefore, it is more suitable for seasoning work in various production lines.

Seasoning machine for potato chips
Seasoning Machine For Potato Chips

The potato chip flavoring machine adopts all 304 food grade stainless steel. And it also can equip with an automatic sprinkling device at the upper end of the feed inlet machine to automatically sense the sprinkling. When the fried potato chips are conveyed into the inlet, the device will automatically sense the sprinkling. And then the potato chips and seasoning will be rotated 360° under the drive of the machine to mix them evenly. During the seasoning process, the machine will not break potato chips.

Besides drum seasoning machines, we also provide single-head octagonal seasoning machines and double-head octagonal seasoning machines. And, each machine has a variety of models.