Can mesh belt fryer only save you labor?

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With the development of the food industry, continuous mesh belt fryer is favored by large and medium-sized food processing factories.

There are various frying machines on the market. With the development of the food industry,  continuous mesh belt fryer is favored by large and medium-sized food processing factories. This is not only because continuous fryer can save their labor. Here are a few reasons why I recommend this industrial mesh blet fryer machine for you.

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Mesh Belt Fryer

Composition of mesh belt fryer

The mesh belt fryer is specially designed for industrial use, including an automatic belt conveyor system, lifting system, refueling system, oil temperature control system.

Industrial mesh belt frying machine advantages

Selection of different heating methods

The industrial continuous mesh blets fryer machine can choose electricity, gas, or diesel as the power source. You can choose one according to your local power source usage, saving you the cost of power.

Wide range of frying, multi-purpose for one machine

The continuous frying machine is controlled by a special motor with frequency conversion speed regulation and a frequency conversion speed regulator. The frying time range is adjustable, the equipment is used in a wide range. And it is suitable for foods of various frying processes. Moreover, the fryer adopts an upper and lower double-layer mesh belt design, which can keep the frying color even when the product floats in the frying process.

Environment friendly and easy to clean

The machine is equipped with a lifting system, which can lift the fume hood separately. And this mesh belt frying machine can also lift the fume hood and the frying area at the same time, which is beneficial to the cleaning of the equipment.

Oil can be recycled

We also provide auxiliary machinery or services, such as fuel tanks, pumps, oil filters, pipelines, etc. These machines will help to monitor the oil level, automatically refuel, filter oil, thereby saving more production costs.