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continuous deep fryer
Mesh belt frying machine is widely used to fry peanut, beans, potato chips, french fries, or other puffed food. The frying machine also used in potato chips production lines and puffed food production lines.

Mesh belt frying machine, as a type of deep frying machine, is widely used to fry peanuts, beans, potato chips, french fries, spring rolls, or other puffed food. The continuous frying machine is also used in potato chips production lines and puffed food production lines. The heating temperature and heating time of the continuous food fryer can be adjustable according to different raw materials. Moreover, a constant oil temperature can be maintained to make sure fried products maintain good color and flavor during the frying process. So many medium and large food plants choose a conveyor fryer machine in their businesses.

Continuous mesh belt frying machine structure

A continuous frying machine consists of a heating system, lifting system, conveying system, automatic slag scraping system, circulation system, and smoke exhaust system.

  1. The double-layer mesh belt design plays a role in pressure floating to ensure the color consistency of the fried products. The effective distance of the upper and lower mesh belt is about 80-90mm, which is convenient for a variety of fried products.
  2. Equipped with a smoke exhaust system to effectively exhaust the oil smoke generated during the frying process, which improves the air quality of the working environment.
  3. The mesh belt bracket can be lifted up for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  4. The continuous mesh belt frying machine is made of 304 stainless, sturdy and durable.
  5. Adopt an electrical control cabinet system, the temperature of the oil in the equipment can be displayed and controlled through the control cabinet.
  6. The industrial continuous food fryer machine is equipped with an automatic slag scraping device, which is convenient for cleaning the residue generated after frying.
Automatic frying machine details
Automatic Frying Machine Details

Working video of continuous fryer machine

Industrial continuous fryer machine advantages

1. Heating method: electric heating, gas heating, different heating methods can be selected;

2. The mesh belt size of an industrial continuous fryer can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. The transmission power device is a frequency conversion motor, and the transmission speed can be controlled and adjusted.

4. There is thermal insulation cotton inside the frame to ensure the stability of the oil temperature during the frying process. The frying temperature can be adjusted

5. The insulation of the main body is made of high-temperature-resistant aluminum silicate plate material, which keeps the temperature of the pot body in a slightly hot state during operation, and also reduces the consumption of heat, and saves energy.

Technical data of industrial continuous fryer

The continuous mesh belt frying machine has two heating ways, electric heating, and gas heating. According to the customer’s different capacities, we can customize the machine size to achieve different outputs. General capacities range from 300kg/h to 1500kg/h. The name of the machine model is based on the length of the mesh belt.

Electricity heating type

Continuous food fryer
Continuous Food Fryer
electric heating machine diameter

Gas heating type

Gas heating industrial continuous fryer
Gas Heating Industrial Continuous Fryer
ModelSizeWeightEnergy consumptionCapacity 
TZ-35003500*1200*2400mm1200kg300,000 kcal500kg/h
TZ-40004000*1200*2400mm1500kg500,000 kcal600kg/h
TZ-50005000*1200*2400mm1700kg500,000 kcal800kg/h
gas heating machine diameter

Installation and adjustment of continuous mesh belt frying machine

Adjust machine picture
Adjust Machine Picture

1. The industrial continuous fryer is installed and ready before delivery.

2. After the device is in place, adjust each foot to level the device.

3. Check the circuit to ensure that there is no leakage, and then connect the power;

4. Tighten the bolts at all connections of the equipment to make sure they will not loose;

5. Unscrew the fixing nut, adjust the tensioning shaft, adjust the conveying chain, and tighten the fixing nut after adjustment.

6. Adjust the slag removal device to make it flexible in transmission and suitable for speed, and there must be no jamming.

7. The lubricating oil level of the conveying reducer and slag reducer should be normal.

8. The exhaust duct is connected to the flue (user-supplied), and it is usually connected to the outdoor.

9. Adjust the conveyor speed to the required frying time (determined according to the fried food).

Operation and usage of the continuous deep fryer

  • First, clean the oil tank and conveyor belt, and wipe off the moisture.
  • Close the oil drain valve and fill the oil tank to the specified oil level.
  • Turn on the power and warm up the mesh belt frying machine.
  • When the oil temperature reaches about 160°C, start the reduced motor to start the conveyor belt operation (it takes about 10 to 15 minutes).
  • Set the frying time and oil temperature. When the oil temperature rises to the temperature required for frying food, put the food into the inlet.
  • When frying is completed, first turn off the heating valve, then turn off the conveying motor power.
  • In order to effectively remove the suspended particulate impurities in the frying oil, suppress the rise in acid value, prevent oxidation to extend the life of the oil, and ensure the quality of the fried food, it should be equipped with an oil filter for better use.

Application of continuous frying machine