Tempura shrimp batch frying machine | tempura in deep fryer

Tempura shrimp frying machine

Tempura is a famous Japanese cuisine. Generally, tempura is a fried food with fish, shrimp or vegetables wrapped in wheat flour and egg liquid. Fried shrimp tempura and sweet potatoes are among the popular dishes. The common ingredients for frying tempura include shrimp, cuttlefish, mushroom, sweet potato, pumpkin, bean, flower of vegetable,eggplant, carrot, and so on. To efficiently produce batches of tempura with good flavor, it is necessary to use a professional tempura shrimp frying machine. This frying machine is also know as continuous deep fryer machine with wide applications.

Tempura shrimp frying machine
Tempura Shrimp Frying Machine

Tempura shrimp frying machine advantages

  • Productivity is high. The highest output is up to 1500 kg per hour.
  • Automatic control systems: time-saving and labor-saving.
  • It’s hygienic. The material of tempura deep fryer machine is food-grade stainless steel.
  • Simple to clean. An automated scraping mechanism removes food debris from the automatic tempura prawn frying machine. The lid can also be removed to clean the inside.
  • Diverse heating methods: gas or electricity.
  • Customized service is available.
Tempura shrimp deep fryer
Tempura Shrimp Deep Fryer

Structure and working process of tempura frying machine

A feeding mesh belt is included with the fried shrimp machine. After raw materials are put in the hopper, the mesh belt conveys the material evenly for frying. The speed of mesh belt is adjustable and the temperature is controllable. After frying, the fried shrimp tempura automatically comes out from the outlet.

Continuous fryer machine2
Continuous Fryer Machine

How long do you fry shrimp tempura?

Generally, fry for 2 to 3 minutes until it appears golden brown on the exterior of the shrimps and opaque in the inside. The exact time can vary with the size of the shrimps.

Before frying procedure, it needs to wrap the raw material with flour first. We are also a supplier of tempura battering machines with high efficiency. The waterfall type battering machine can evenly spread batter on the raw material through the batter curtain and the batter bath.

Batter coating machine
Tempura Shrimp Batch Frying Machine | Tempura In Deep Fryer 5

Other Application

If you have interests in our machines and need more information about them, please let us know.

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