How to clean and maintain a continuous potato chips fryer?

continuous potato chips fryer

With the increasing use of industrial deep fryers in the food processing industry, many people may encounter problems with cleaning and maintenance. After frying food for a long time, the surface of the continuous potato chips fryer may turn black, and the performance of the continuous fryer machine may not be good as before with unreasonable operations. To prolong the service life of continuous potato chips equipment, it is necessary to clean and maintain it regularly. Specifically, what issues are needed to focus on?

Introduction of continuous potato chips fryer

A fully automatic potato chips frying machine refers to cooking equipment that uses edible oil as the main raw material to fry food. It has the characteristics of a novel style, reasonable structure, simple operation, fast heating speed, and easy cleaning. Commercial chips fryer is widely used in fast-food restaurants, hotels, and catering establishments. The continuous fryer machine has the characteristics of continuous production, energy-saving and labor-saving, and uniform product quality. In terms of heating source, either electricity or gas is suitable.

The basic structure of continuous potato chips frying machine equipment includes an automatic oil temperature control system, automatic lifting system, and automatic heating system. Mesh belt conveying system, automatic filtering system, etc. Such enables the deep fryer to have powerful functions.

The commercial chips fryer has wide applications, including nuts such as broad beans, green beans, and peanuts; puffed foods; flour products; meat products; aquatic products, etc.

Potato chips frying machine
Potato Chips Frying Machine

Operation and Maintenance Considerations

  • Check the parts of the bearing to avoid looseness or abnormal operation.
  • Feeding materials should be placed as evenly as possible. The capacity must not exceed the rated capacity of the frame.
  • If the food machinery is running at an overspeed, the continuous potato chips fryer should be stopped immediately when there is an abnormal mechanical condition or the running sound is not right.
  • The surface of the heating pipe should be cleaned in time, at least four times a month, and the residue on the surface of the fryer should be cleaned in time.   
  • It is needed to record the operating status of the fully automatic fryer every day. If any inconsistency is found, it must be reported and recorded. When encountering uncontrollable problems, be sure to contact the equipment manufacturer for consultation.

How to clean the potato chips frying machine?

  • Be sure to pull out the plug after each use, and clean the pot after it has completely cooled down.
  • Clean up the residue on the surface of the deep fryer in time. The residue should not accumulate too much or be too thick to prevent the heat stored in the residue from causing a fire. When cleaning, use a soft cloth soaked in neutral detergent to wipe gently. Do not use metal brushes, corrosive solvents, etc., so as not to damage the non-stick pan.
  • The attached debris can be wiped off with a wrung, damp cloth. The oil net can be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in water with detergent.
  • Before the continuous potato chips fryer is used, oil must be added to the body to avoid burning out the electric heating tube;
  • Regularly check the performance and sensitivity of the photoelectric switch.
  • When not in use temporarily, please clean the utensils and store them after drying.

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