Automatic falafel frying machine | commercial falafel fryer

falafel frying machine 1
falafel frying machine 1

The falafel frying machine is an advanced automatic conveyor frying machine widely used in the food processing industry. Commercial falafel fryer is also suitable for frying pasta food, seafood, meat, nuts, fruits, and others. The industrial falafel fryer machine is a multifunctional continuous frying machine. Heating from the middle of the oil layer is an advanced method to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers. In this way, it effectively alleviates the oxidation degree of oil and improves the quality of fried products. In the frying process, the falafel fryer machine can automatically filter the residue and control the temperature, which prolongs the service life of the oil. The final food has a good finish, bright color, and high quality.

Structure features of falafel frying machine

The falafel fryer machine contains several automatic systems including an automatic temperature control system, automatic conveying system, automatic oil filtering system, automatic slag removal system, automatic lifting system, automatic smoke exhaust, etc.

Heating system: the heating sources can be electricity, heat transfer oil, natural gas, and liquefied gas;
Mesh belt conveying system: Variable frequency speed regulation. The double-layer mesh belt avoids product floating and realizes uniform frying.
Automatic filtration system: dynamic circulation system with automatic sewage outlet at the bottom. The food residue in the frying process can sink into the lower funnel through water filtration. Then, it will be discharged through the sewage outlet.
Automatic temperature control system: The temperature can be set freely from 0 to 300 degrees and oil temperature is automatically controlled in the whole process.
Automatic lifting system: the mesh belt is lifted automatically, which is convenient for cleaning. It can reduce the labor intensity, and keep itself clean and hygienic.

Structure details of falafel frying machine
Structure Details Of Falafel Frying Machine

Part of the technical data

ModelDimension (mm) Weight (kg)  Power/Energy use   Yield Mesh belt width(mm)
Electric type     
TZ-40004000*1200*24001200100kw 600kg/h800
TZ-50005000*1200*24001500120kw 800kg/h800
Gas type    
TZ-35003500*1200*240012003*10⁵ kcal 500kg/h800
TZ-40004000*1200*240015005*10⁵ kcal600kg/h800
TZ-50005000*1200*240017006*10⁵ kcal 800kg/h800
parameter of falafel frying machine

The above is part of the types of falafel fryer machines. For specific information, welcome to send us your requirements.

Supportive equipment: vacuum oil filter

The falafel frying machine can be connected with a vacuum oil filter to fully clean the oil for reuse.

continuous potato chips fryer

How to clean and maintain a continuous potato chips fryer?

After frying food for a long time, the surface of the continuous potato chips fryer may turn black, and the performance of the continuous fryer machine may not be good as before with unreasonable operations. To prolong the service life of continuous potato chips equipment, it is necessary to clean and maintain it regularly.

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