Industrial pork rinds frying machine | pig skin fryer

industrial continuous pork rinds frying machine
The industrial pork rinds frying machine is used to deep-fry crispy fried pig skin. The fried pig skin can be eaten directly as a snack or as a dish.

The industrial pork rinds frying machine provided by Taizy can set the frying temperature and time freely. It has multiple heating methods such as electricity and gas. Customized pork crackling fryer machines provide solutions for different sizes of customers. The pork skin fryer machine, also called mesh belt fryer, widely applies in the production of various fried foods on the market. Such as chicken steak, fish steak, pumpkin pie, potato chips, French fries, and other fried foods.

Continuous pork rinds frying machine introduction

The continuous pork rinds frying machine uses double-layer mesh belts to transport food, and the upper and lower mesh belts can be frequency-converted. Customers can automatically adjust the speed of the mesh belt, the temperature, and the time of frying according to the characteristics of the fried food. And Taizy pork skin fryer machine manufacturer provides customized service for the continuous fryer. Customers can customize the machine according to their own production needs.

Commercial pig skin fryer application
Commercial Pig Skin Fryer Application

The small fryer is easy to move and can be installed and used at any time without space constraints. Large fryer has a huge production output and meets the production requirements of large manufacturers. And no matter how large the output of the pigskin frying machine is, the frying machine provided by Taizy adopts 304 stainless steel.

The industrial pork skin fryer machine description

  1. The continuous pork skin fryer machine has a design structure of a single-layer mesh belt and double-layer mesh belt. This is a unique design based on the customer’s fried different products.
  2. The industrial continuous pork rinds frying machine has multiple heating methods such as electricity and gas. The intelligent display screen controls the frying temperature and time, and the user can set the oil temperature at will.
  3. Its mesh belt conveyor system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the equipment automatic filtration system divides into two types: pure oil filtration and oil-water mixing.
  4. The use of high and low-temperature oil technology prevents the residue under the oil layer from being scorched, thereby inhibiting a large amount of oil waste.
  5. An automatic smoke exhaust system and constant temperature continuous production system ensure a good working environment for workers, and at the same time ensure that the temperature of fried food is consistent.
  6. The commercial pork rinds frying machine has matching oil filtering and circulating filtering systems. When purchasing the machine, the customer can choose the supporting equipment by himself.
Pork skin fryer machine
Pork Skin Fryer Machine

Several characteristics of pork rinds frying machine

  • The oil is pure and does not deteriorate

The unique design of the automatic scraping system ensures that the food residues produced during the frying process can be removed in time. It will not darken the oil because it sinks to the bottom of the pot and becomes scorched when frying. The fat produced by fried pork skin will also sink and be removed, which is one of the reasons why the oil remains pure.

  • Constant frying temperature, high quality fried food

The pork rinds frying machine uses an intelligent PLC control panel to control the temperature and time of frying. Therefore, it can automatically control the oil temperature and keep the machine in good working condition. It not only increases the output but also makes the product quality stable, with complete color, aroma, and taste.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

After technological innovation, the continuous pig skin fryer can adjust the temperature of the electric control device at will without affecting the quality of the fried material. The deep fryer can effectively alleviate the degree of oil oxidation and inhibit the generation of acid media. This prolongs the oil life cycle and saves more than 50% of oil compared with the traditional fryer. The unique fume exhaust device reduces air pollution and maintains a clean and tidy environment.

  • Intelligent control system, easy to operate

The intelligent operating system makes manual operation easier. The oil temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily from room temperature to 230 degrees. When the frying temperature reaches the set temperature, the industrial pork rinds fryer machine can keep the oil temperature constant. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also has a simple and quick operation, and improves work efficiency.

About fried pork skin

Fried pork skin is usually eaten as a snack. The fried pork skin has a small amount of fat and its carbohydrate content is low. Fried pork skin can not only be eaten directly, but it can also be eaten as a dish after soaking. Fried pork skin is crispy and nutritious, and it is popular with people of all ages. And there are such snacks all over the world. Therefore, the fried pork skin snack business is also profitable.

Fried pork rinds
Fried Pork Rinds

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