What are the functions and advantages of continuous food fryers?

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A continuous food fryer adopts advanced frying technology, suitable for making various fried food with high automation and outputs.

A continuous food fryer is multi-functional smokeless frying equipment that uses oil-water mixing or pure oil modes. The continuous deep fryer adopts the most advanced frying technology in the world, the oil temperature can be automatically controlled, and it can fry all kinds of food at the same time. The continuous frying machine has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, high output, and high-quality fried products. The industrial continuous fryer is suitable for the continuous production of meat, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta, and other products. It is a piece of ideal equipment for medium and large fried food processing enterprises. Let’s get a detailed view of the functions and advantages of continuous food fryers.

Application of continuous food fryer
Application Of Continuous Food Fryer

Outstanding structural features

  • The continuous fryer machine has a high degree of automation. It is composed of an automatic and manual lifting system, a unique product conveying system, slag discharge system, heating system, oil circulation system, smoke exhaust system, electric control system, etc.
  • Mesh belt transmission adopts variable frequency step-less speed regulation.
  • Controllable frying time and temperature.
  • The continuous food fryer is equipped with an automatic lifting system, the upper cover and the mesh belt can be lifted and lowered for easy cleaning.  
  • Using a high-efficiency thermal conductivity device, the utilization rate of energy is high, which is conducive to reducing the cost of enterprises.  
  • Using electricity or natural gas as heating energy to meet different needs of users.
  • The whole machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.  
  • The upper and lower double-layer mesh belts are used for transmission, and the product is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belts to prevent the product from floating.  
  • The continuous deep fryer is equipped with a scraping system to discharge the generated residue at any time. The oil circulation filter system continuously filters the oil residue during the production process, reduces the acid value of the oil, restores the color of the crude oil, and prolongs the service life of the edible oil by more than 10 times.
Machine details of industrial continuous fryer
Machine Details Of Industrial Continuous Fryer

Significant advantages of continuous food fryer

  1. The heating temperature of the industrial continuous fryer can be set according to the production process requirements of different materials.
  2. The high degree of automation, high efficiency, and large output.
  3. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, and saves fuel consumption.
  4. The use of advanced oil-water mixing technology or the use of full-oil filtration technology has eliminated the drawbacks of traditional frying machines.
  5. Hygenic and beautiful appearance. The whole machine is made of high-quality food-grade materials for food hygiene.
  6. Save oil and prolong the life of cooking oil. The process adopts the method of heating from the middle of the oil layer to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers, effectively relieve the oxidation degree of the frying oil, inhibit the rise of the acid medium, and prolong the life of the edible oil by more than 1.5 times.
  7. High safety. The heating tubes are completely sealed to avoid possible fire caused by the exposed heating tube. The top cover of the continuous fryer machine has a condensed water collection function to prevent the condensed water from dripping back into the oil tank, causing hot oil to splash and causing burns.

Continuous deep fryer VS intermittent batch fryer

The application of the continuous food fryer is more professional than an intermittent batch fryer. Since product scraps and other frying by-products are removed in the process, it has better oil filtration, reducing frying odor and free fatty acid content.

The batch frying system is widely used because the batch fryer is lower in price, lower in frying technology, and suitable for small-scale production. There are no moving parts that are prone to wear and tear, and relatively low maintenance is reported.

Furthermore, in batch frying systems, product input causes raw heat losses and longer frying times are required. In contrast, continuous frying systems do not have this problem. Furthermore, quality is optimized because the system has a consistent frying temperature and time, resulting in constant product appearance, flavor, texture, and shelf life.

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