Industrial spring roll samosa frying machine for sale

industrial spring roll frying machine
This fully automatic spring roll samosa frying machine can realize continuous automatic frying. The constant temperature can be maintained during the frying process to ensure the uniform color of the frying.

The industrial spring roll frying machine is an automatic continuous mesh belt fryer machine. It can realize continuous frying spring rolls. The machine has a double-layer mesh belt, which can make all the spring rolls immersed in the frying machine to ensure that the spring rolls are evenly fried.

The fully automatic spring roll fryer machine has two heating methods: electric heating and gas heating. Moreover, the length and width of the machine mesh belt can be customized according to the customer’s needs and the output of frying materials.

Industrial spring roll continuous frying machine application

The industrial frying machine is widely applicable to various deep-fried foods. It is not only suitable for deep-fried spring rolls, but also various fried foods such as samosas, chicken nuggets, nuts, potato chips, puffed foods, etc. This automatic samosa fryer widely applies in large food processing plants, frozen food factories, fast food restaurants, and other places.

Frying samosa
frying samosa

Fully automatic samosa frying machine characteristics

  • PLC control panel to operate the machine

The commercial samosa fryer machine uses an intelligent PLC control panel to operate the machine. It can control the frying time and temperature by setting parameters. Its temperature range is 0 to 230 degrees, and the temperature control does not exceed 1 degree Celsius. The frying time can adjust from 20 seconds to 15 minutes.

Therefore, it is very convenient for customers to fry different raw materials through the display.

  • The lifting system is easy to clean

Industry spring roll fryer machine has an automatic lifting system, which can lift the mesh belt. This function is convenient to clean the residue that falls into the bottom of the mesh belt during frying. It overcomes the defect that the mesh belt lifts by manpower in the past greatly saves labor, and makes cleaning more convenient.

Automatic samosa frying machine
Automatic Samosa Frying Machine
  • Fume exhaust system

It inevitably produces a lot of oily smoke during frying. The commercial spring roll frying machine has a fume exhaust system, which automatically exhausts fume during frying. Therefore, the machine can reduce indoor oily smoke and ensure a clean working environment.

  • Stable frying

The machine adopts all 304 stainless steel, which meets food safety and sanitation standards. And the frame of the machine contains thermal insulation cotton to ensure constant temperature during frying.

The key points of purchasing a commercial spring roll frying machine

  • Electric heating or gas heating

The commercial spring roll fryer equipment has two heating methods, one is electric heating and the other is gas heating. The consumer prices of electricity or gas are different in the regions where different customers are located. Therefore, customers can choose the spring roll fryer models according to the local cheap energy.

  • Output

In order to meet the different output requirements of customers, we provide a variety of output machine models. For electric heating machines, its conventional output range is 500kg/h~1500kg/h. The output range of gas heating machines is 500kg/h~800kg/h. Of course, this output varies with different fried materials. In addition, we can also customize 3m, 5m, and 7m machines according to customer needs.

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