FAQ for the frying effects of industrial chips frying machine

chips frying machine
Chips frying machine is widely used with high efficiency and perfect frying effect. Here are the faqs in the frying process with the machine.

Nowadays, smoke-free deep frying machines are gaining more and more popularity in the food cooking sector. With the advent of the era of smokeless frying, industrial chips frying machine is commonly used in kitchens, restaurants, and food processing plants, and the efficiency of production is constantly improving. This chips fryer machine can not only improve productivity but also be able to solve other frying problems. Deep-fried food has become a pleasure for people, so when people do deep-fried food, they must want to make it crispy and delicious. This article summarizes some of the common problems in the frying process with the use of a chips cooker machine.

Introduction to types of chips fryer machine

(1) Commercial basket frying machine: suitable for a variety of small and medium-sized food factories and larger production of fast-food restaurants, fried chicken stores, pastry stores, etc., to fry a variety of fried food, but most of the operation still depends on manual work.
(2) Automatic-discharging batch fryer: mainly for small and medium-sized food factories. Characterized by intelligent temperature control, it can be automatic filling, automatic mixing, automatic discharge, etc., thus reducing labor costs, more convenient and intelligent than the single machine series.
(3) Continuous frying machine: mainly applicable to medium and large food production enterprises, characterized by continuous production, energy saving, labor-saving, and making the quality of products more uniform.

FAQ for frying effects of chips frying machine

Users may fail to achieve the expected frying effects during the use of a chips fryer machine. Below are 4 typical problems and solutions.

Why do fried chips become too greasy?

One of the main reasons fried foods become too greasy is that the oil is not hot enough. When you fry food inside a chips cooker machine, the oil needs to be heated to the right temperature, which depends on the specific material. If the oil is cold, the food will absorb it like a sponge and become greasy.
So how can you tell if the oil inside the batch fryer is hot enough? A deep fryer can automatically display the actual temperature. Alternatively, users can use a thermometer or throw the materials into the fryer to test. If it sizzles, the oil is hot. The oil in the chips cooker machine glows visibly when it’s hot; if it’s smoking, it’s too hot and you need to bring the temperature down or start over.
Do not rush to bring the oil in the chips frying machine to the correct temperature; it should heat slowly. Trying to heat the oil too quickly can result in burnt, blackened oil, and bitter-tasting food.

Why is the food becoming black after frying, not golden brown?

A common reason for the black appearance is that the frying temperature is too high. To avoid this condition, be sure to use a very reliable industrial potato fryer machine. Nowadays, many commercial deep fryers can be set to a fixed temperature, and you can control the frying time and temperature independently so that it can be heated evenly. Use cooking oil that is resistant to high temperatures, and then keep the frying temperature at a medium level. If the oil starts to smoke or turn black, it’s too hot and you either need to let it cool or start over with fresh oil.

Chips frying machine
Chips Frying Machine

Why is fried food soggy?

Once the oil has reached the appropriate cooking temperature, do not overload the industrial deep fryer with frying. Fry according to the amount of fried food the commercial batch fryers can hold. Sometimes you may need to fry in batches, instead of frying everything at once. When the chips fryer machine is crowded with fried food, the heat gets trapped underneath the food and causes it to vaporize. Make sure there is room in the chips cooker machine so the food doesn’t come in contact with each other. If you are frying a large amount of food, you can choose to fry it in batches. Or use two fryers.

Why do the chips taste bland after frying?

One of the most important steps before the frying process is seasoning, or the food may be bland and tasteless. This is because the seasoning will be flavored by frying. It is also not just the surface but each layer needs to be seasoned. Whether tofu, tempeh, or vegetables, food should be seasoned or marinated. Users can coat the food with flour, add a liquid coating and breadcrumbs, etc. 

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