Commercial onion deep frying machine for making onion ring

industrial onion frying machine
The onion frying machine is a commercial deep fryer. The onion ring fryer has multiple heating methods such as electricity and gas. A variety of output for customers to choose.

The commercial onion frying machine (onion ring frying machine) is a commercial deep frying machine. This machine is widely used for frying onion rings, potato chips, pork skin, and other fried snacks. Fryers are welcomed by customers because of their wide range of applications, easy operation, and large frying output. At present, Taizy’s onion frying machine has been exported to Pakistan, India, Greece, South Africa, and many other countries and regions. Commercial onion fryers can not only be used alone, it can also be combined with an onion peeler, battering machine, and other machines to form a large production line.

Three kinds of onion frying machine introduction

Taizy mainly provides three types of onion ring frying machines. One is a square fryer, one is a circular batch fryer, and the other is a continuous fryer.

Square onion fryer

Batch onion fryer machine
Batch Onion Fryer Machine

The square onion ring fryer is suitable for small onion frying traders. This machine’s output range is 50kg/h~200kg/h. Especially, the output of a frying frame is 50kg/h. Put the onion rings in the frying frame for deep frying. After frying, it can be easily lifted up the frying frame.

Round batch onion frying machine

Round batch onion ring frying machine
Round Batch Onion Ring Frying Machine

Similar to the square fryer, the round onion ring fryer also fries a batch of onion rings. After one batch of onion rings has been fried, place another batch of onion rings for frying. The machine can realize the functions of automatic loading and unloading.

Continuous onion ring fryer

Continuous onion ring fryer machine
Continuous Onion Ring Fryer Machine

The first two types of frying machines are semi-automatic frying machines, which require labor to operate during the frying process. The continuous onion ring frying machine can realize continuous and uninterrupted frying of onion rings. The onion frying machine’s conveyor belt conveys the onion rings for frying and discharging. This machine can not only realize automatic frying but also has many functions such as scraping residue, automatic lifting, oil circulation, and so on.

Industrial onion frying machine operation video

Commercial onion fryer machine’s advantages

  • Although the three types of onion frying machines have different outputs, their functions are roughly the same. And the onion ring fryer is made of 304 stainless steel. When using the fryer, it can ensure the sanitation and environmental sanitation of fried products.
  • The continuous onion fryer also has a lifting system to facilitate cleaning the bottom of the fryer. In addition, the dregs scraping system of the fryer ensures cleanliness and prevents fires due to the accumulation of frying waste.
  • Onion ring frying machines can customize the length and width of the machine according to the production needs of customers. Onion ring frying machines are widely used in restaurants, street vendors, canteens, food production plants, and other customer needs.
  • The onion frying machine’s electricity, gas, and other heating methods provide heating solutions for customers in different regions. Customers can choose a cheaper heating method according to the local heating situation.
  • The electric fryer adopts the method of immersing the heating tube in heating oil. It makes the onion rings deep-fried evenly, with good color, and ensures the quality of the onion rings. And the heating tube adopts a seamless heating tube, which reduces the occurrence of accidents.

Several questions about fried onions

  • Why do I need to soak the onions before frying the onion rings?

Onions have a pungent taste, so you need to soak them in cold water. This can remove the spicy flavor of onions and make the onion rings softer.

  • How long does it take to fry onion rings?

This mainly depends on the frying temperature you set on the onion frying machine. For a general frying temperature of 160~180℃, it takes 2~3 minutes.

  • How to keep fried onion rings crispy?

There is only a thin layer of onion rings. In order to ensure the taste of fried onion rings, it is usually necessary to coat the onion rings with a layer of batter. When coating the batter, you can first coat the outer layer of the onion rings with a thin layer of starch. Then wrap a layer of batter, which can increase the friction and make the batter better adhere to the onion rings. Then coat it with breadcrumbs. In this way, you can obtain a crispy onion ring.

  • How to make the batter hang on the onion rings?

The best way is to remove the inner membrane from the onion after cutting the onion. Because the Nebo of onions is relatively smooth. If it is not removed, the batter is not easy to hang on the onion rings.

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