Multifunctional onion frying machine was installed in Pakistan

onion frying machine in pakistan
The 200kg/h automatic onion frying machine in Pakistan has features of high automation, energy-saving, and wide application.

The onion frying machine is very popular. Our onion frying machines have been exported to Pakistan and many other countries. The onion fryer machines have brought great help to our customers’ food business. The onion ring frying machine is a relatively common advanced batch frying equipment on the market. The automatic discharging frying machine has stable performance and a high degree of automation and can be widely used in food frying and blanching. The onion fryer machine can realize automatic temperature control, automatic stirring, and automatic filtration of oil residue to ensure good quality and taste of the processed products. The automatic feeding and automatic discharging functions can greatly reduce labor and improve efficiency. The onion frying machine in Pakistan is suitable for frying or blanching all kinds of food, such as nuts, vegetables, pasta, meat, etc.

Onion ring frying machine
Onion Ring Frying Machine

Why choose this automatic onion frying machine?

  1. Automatic temperature control. The thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature according to the actual oil temperature, without manual work.
  2. The oil residue is automatically separated and filtered. There is no need to clean the oil in the machine, and the oil residue is directly discharged from the bottom. The onion frying machine in Pakistan is provided with a storage part for oil residue, which does not need to be cleaned many times. It can reduce the oil brought out when cleaning the oil residue, which can save 5% of the oil. The machine prolongs the life of the oil.
  3. Automatic stirring, automatic feeding, automatic discharging. Just press the buttons to automatically add the raw materials to the machine, stir, and pour out the fried food, saving time and effort.
  4. A variety of heating methods are optional and energy-saving. Both electricity and liquefied/natural gas can be used as heat sources, and customers can choose according to their own conditions. The body has a double layer of thermal insulation cotton to reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency.
  5. Multiple functions and wide uses. The onion frying machine in Pakistan can fry and blanch all kinds of food.

Order details of onion frying machine in Pakistan

Our customer in Pakistan is engaged in the fried onion ring business. With the expansion of his business scale, he found that his old onion ring fryer machine was not efficient enough. As he did not plan to increase labor costs, he decided to consider buying an onion frying machine with larger output and high automation, while maintaining the perfect frying effect.

Our Pakistanian customer knew about our machine through watching our machine video on YouTube. The onion frying machine shows the automatic functions and multiple applications in working mode. After he contacted us, our sales representative talked with him to know his specific requirements soon. What he needs is a 200kg/h gas-heating onion fryer machine with automatic feeding, mixing, and discharging functions. Our sales recommended to him our TZ-1500 model and an oil filter tank, a matching supporting device. As he also made special requirements for the material and size of the machine, we reply to him with our available customization services. After further communication, he placed an order with us. Currently, the onion frying machine in Pakistan performs well and our customer shares feedback videos with us.

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