Nigerian chin chin frying machine | snack fryer machine

chin chin frying machine 1
chin chin frying machine 1

A chin chin frying machine is an automatic stir-fryer machine, suitable for frying quantities of chin chin, kuli-kuli, and other kinds of pasta, nuts, or meat. Highly automatic, it is often used in the chin chin production line. The chin chin fryer machine is heated by electricity or gas, and the operation is simple and safe. The chin chin snack fryer machine is popular in market, widely applied in restaurants, fast food stores, meant products shops, food processing plants, canteens, hotels, etc.

Chin chin fryer machine advantages

Chin chin frying machine details 3
Chin Chin Frying Machine Details 3
High-quality stainles steel material
Continuous operation
High efficiency
Gas/electric heating
Easy operation
Wide application
Reasonable price

(1) The machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which conforms to the requirements of the food safety and hygiene standards. Automatic oil filtering can keep the oil clean and improves the product quality.
(2) The service life of oil is prolonged, so it does not need to change the oil frequently.
(3) The advanced heating system avoids energy waste to a greater extent.
(4) Advanced mechanical configuration and control can always maintain a good working state, which improves the output.
(5) The continuous operation of the machine improves the work efficiency and effectively reduces the unit cost.

Operation of the Nigerian chin chin frying machine

1.On the operation interface, set the required temperature and work time.

Note: The feeding and discharging cannot simultaneously start to prevent the collision of machines parts.

2. Start the heating system, then the heating tubes begin to heat. The heating will automatically stop when it reaches the set temperature. At the same time, start the stirring system.

3. Raw materials should be prepared earlier in the hopper. When it reaches the set temperature, start the feeding button (the stirring begins at the same time).

4. When it reaches the set time, the device will automatically alarm.

5. Start the discharging button. The discharging process proceeds 10 to 20 seconds to drain the oil.

Chin chin fryer machines
Chin Chin Fryer Machines

Other kinds of deep fryer machines for sale

nigeria chin chin chin production line

Nigerian snack chin chin production line | processing line

The chin chin production line is a special production line to make the very famous snacks in Nigeria. The production line includes dough mixer, dough pressing machine, chin chin cutting machine, automatic frying machine, deoiling machine, and chin chin packing machine.

automatic snacks frying machine

Automatic snacks frying machine | small large batch fryer

The automatic batch fryer is a full 304 stainless steel machine, which can realize automatic feeding, automatic mixing, automatic degreasing, automatic discharging, and other programs. It can be used alone or combined with other machines to form a production line.

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