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nigeria chin chin chin production line
The chin chin production line is a special production line to make the very famous snacks in Nigeria. The production line includes dough mixer, dough pressing machine, chin chin cutting machine, automatic frying machine, deoiling machine, and chin chin packing machine.

    The chin chin production line is used to make fried chin chin, which is popular in Nigeria, Ghana, and other places. The industrial chin chin processing line mainly applies for the whole process from flour to dicing to frying and packaging.

    The chin chin frying production line mainly includes a dough mixer, dough pressing machine, chin chin cutting machine, automatic discharging fryer, bottom discharging deoiling machine, and packaging machine. The production line has large production output and complete molding, which is an ideal machine for processing frying chin chin.

    Chin chin making machine
    Chin Chin Production Line

    The machines involved in the chin chin production line

    NumberMachine name
    1dough mixer
    2dough pressing machine
    3chin chin cutting machine
    4automatic deep fryer
    5deoiling machine
    6chin chin packaging machine

    Operation video of chin chin processing line

    Frying chin chin production process

    1.dough mixer

    Chin chin dough mixer
    Chin Chin Dough Mixer

    The dough mixer is used to mix flour, sugar, butter, milk and other materials. The dough mixer is made of all stainless steel, and the output is large, and the working noise is extremely low. There is a food machine auger inside to mix the materials evenly.

    2.dough pressing machine

    The full-automatic dough pressing machine adopts high-quality pressing rollers, and the non-stick dough conveyor belt presses the dough repeatedly, which makes the gluten strong and tough.

    Dough pressing machine
    Dough Pressing Machine

    3.chin chin cutting machine

    Nigeria chin chin cutting machine
    Nigeria Chin Chin Cutting Machine

    The chin chin cutting machine cuts the pressed dough into small pieces. The cutting machine can adjust the thickness of the formed dough by adjusting the gap between the pressure roller and the conveyor belt. And it also can adjust the size of the final product by adjusting the distance of the blades. In addition, the automatic chin chin cutting machine can customize different cutting shapes blades to make different products.

    4.chin chin deep frying machine

    The circular fryer is an automatic undischarging fryer. Moreover, it also can install an automatic feeding device to realize automatic frying work. And the chin chin frying machine also contains an automatic stirring gear, which can automatically stir the materials during frying to make the materials evenly fried. According to the different heating sources of customers in different regions, our machines have electric heating and gas heating heating methods.

    Chin chin frying machine
    Chin Chin Frying Machine

    5.deoiling machine

    De-oling machine
    De-Oling Machine

    After frying, a de-oiling machine with bottom discharge is needed. The deoiler adopts centrifugal method to remove excess oil on the surface of the material. And the machine can automatically discharge materials. Generally speaking, the machine need a conveyor belt to holdup the raw material and cooling.

    6.chin chin packaging machine

    The chin chin packaging machine is a relatively high automatic machine. It can complete a series of tasks such as automatic weighing, automatic blanking, automatic sealing, and labeling. And the packaging machine suits a wide range of raw materials, it can pack tea, grain, powdery materials, liquid materials and other raw materials. And we can customize the machine according to customer’s requirements.

    Chin chin packaging machine
    Chin Chin Packaging Machine

    Advantages of chin chin production line

    1. All the machines are made of 304 stainless steel, which can be used for a long time;
    2. The cost of investing in the production line is low, the manufacturers for this processing line can get a return quickly and profit from it;
    3. The chin chin processing line can make a variety of pasta by changing different molds;
    4. The production line has a variety of output options to meet the needs of different customers.


    What is the output of this production line?

    Because each machine has multiple models, we will match the production line to you according to customer needs;

    Can you change the machine voltage?

    Yes, we will change the local voltage for customers in different countries;

    After receiving the machine, how to operate, is there an instruction manual?

    Yes, we will provide detailed instructions for use, and when necessary, we will provide video guidance;

    How about your after-sales guarantee?

    We will pay regular visits to customers for the use of the machine.Any problems, we will help customers solve the problems as soon as possible.

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