Hot-selling chin chin making machine delivered and installed in Nigeria!

chin chin making machine in nigeria

Chin chin production line is designed to make various kinds of chin chin snacks, which are very popular in West Africa. Our company is expert in manufacturing pastry making machinery and has exported our products to a large number of countries and regions, like Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, etc. Chin chin processing line is one of our hot-selling products. Recently, we have delivered our product to Nigeria. The chin chin making machine in Nigeria has features of low investment, quick return, multiple functions, durability, and various outputs.

Chin chin production line overview

Machines included: a dough mixer, dough pressing machine, chin chin cutting machine, batch frying machine, deoiling machine, and packaging machine.

Chin chin cutter machine
Chin Chin Cutter Machine

Major production steps: mixing the ingredients into a dough, pressing the dough, cutting the flat flour sheet into required shapes, deep frying, removing excess oil, packaging

Machine material: Food grade 304 stainless steel

Machine outputs: s a variety of output options and customization services available.

Specifications of the finished product:

  • Dice-shaped: thickness 1.5-20mm, the width, generally 10, 12, 15mm, the length is adjustable
  • Diamond shape, thickness 1-2m, length, and width can be customized
  • Strip-shape: thickness 1.5-20mm, length within 12cm, the width generally 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15mm
Chin chin making and product display
Chin Chin Making And Product Display

Order details of chin chin making machine in Nigeria

Our Nigerian customer is a middle-aged man running a snack food factory. To expand the scale and increase the variety of products, he decided to purchase a chin chin processing line. When he saw our product and working video on the website, he was attracted by the multiple functions and excellent machine performance. Then, he contacted us soon. After talking with him, our sales representative knew of his specific requirement and recommended the matching machines soon.

This Nigerian customer finally ordered a whole chin chin production line with an output of 100kg/h. The chin chin making machine in Nigeria includes a dough mixing machine, a chin chin cutting machine with 4 cutters ( 1 set of cube cutters, 2 sets of rectangle cutters, 1 set of diamond-shape cutters), a chin chin frying machine, a deoiling machine, and a chin chin packaging machine. He talked with us about all the details of the machine and the final product he wanted to make and got immediate and professional replies from us. Our instant services and professionalism left him with a very good impression. Thus, he placed an order.

Chin chin making machine price

Taizy Machinery is a leading food machinery manufacturer, which design, produces, and sell machines as a whole. The chin chin making machine in Nigeria is at factory price, which is very competitive. We provide guaranteed high-quality products and comprehensive after-sale services. As we provide a series of machines with different capacities, the chin chin making machine price is different. The price differs in many areas, such as machine size, output, machine quantities, customized services, etc. We welcome you to let us know your requirement so as to send the quotation.

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