Chin chin cutting machine | Multifunctional Pasta Cutting Machine

Chin chin is a very popular snack in West Africa and Nigeria. The chin chin cutting machine is a cutting machine specially used for making chin chin dough.
chin chin cutting machine

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Chin chin cutting machine is a multifunctional pastry cutting machine, which is developed by simulating the principle of manual cutting food. It can make different foods by adjusting different cutters. And the machine can adjust the thickness and size of the finished product.

The machine has a wide range of applications and a high degree of automation. It is widely used in pastry shops, pasta processing plants, pastry processing plants, etc.

The main structure and working principle of the chin chin cutter

Chin chin cutting machine structure

The cutting machine is mainly composed of a frame, a transmission part, a pressing part, a conveying part, and a pastry forming mechanism, including a frequency conversion speed regulation mechanism.

chin chin cutting machine structure
chin chin cutting machine structure

Cutting machine working principle

Put a certain amount of dough on the dough feeding board and turn on the machine. The dough will be conveyed to the rollers at a constant speed. It will automatically complete the process of feeding and pressing under the action of conveyor belt and pressure roller, and reaches the set processing thickness.

The gap of the pressing roller and conveyor can adjust by adjusting the adjusting wheel, so the user can adjust the thickness of the final product according to the actual situation.

After pressing, the dough passes through an automatic flouring device. Then it will be conveyed to the cutting knife, and then cut into shape by the cutting knife. The cutter can be customized to cut into slices, blocks, silk, dices, diamonds, curves, and other shapes.

chin chin cutter cutting display
chin chin cutter cutting display

Parameters of chin chin cutting machine

Voltage:220v 50hz

Advantages of electric chin chin cutting machine

1. Wide application range and high output

2. Save labor, only need 1-2 people, reduce work labor intensity

3. The machine adopts a protective cover at the cutter to ensure safe use;

4. All stages run synchronously, the dough will maintain a complete shape

5. The cutters are evenly distributed, making the cutting more thorough and the size more standard.

chin chin cutter
chin chin cutter

Precautions for using the multifunctional pasta cutting machine

1. When using, the machine should be placed on a level work site to make the machine run smoothly;

2. Before use, check all parts of the machine and secure the loose screw;

3. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the barrel. If there is any, please clean it up before turning on the power, so as not to transmit to the cutter and damage the cutter;

4. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the barrel;

5. Before cleaning and disassembling, you should disconnect the power to stop the machine;

6. You should change lubricating oil at the bearing regularly.

Operation video of Nigeria chin chin cutter

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