New chin chin cutter for making different chin chin shapes

Chin chin cutter

A chin chin cutter is used to cut dough and form it into different chin chin shapes. This machine is often applied in the chin chin production line or the production of other pasta foods. There is a great demand for different types of chin chin. We offer a new advanced chin chin cutter, an ideal solution for varied forms of chin chin snacks. By changing the mold knife, the chin chin cutting machine produces various shapes, like dice, bar-type, or diamond shape. The final products are the same in size, thickness, and shape, without damage and stickiness. This new type of chin chin cutter has wide application, used in pasta plants, pasta snack canteens, or pastry processing factories, etc.

Type 1: Chin chin in dice shape

Our chin chin cutting machine can shape the dough into dice shapes. The general size is about 1.5-20mm and 10, 12, 15mm are among the most popular. For special sizes, we can customize the cutter.

Dice-shape chin chin
Dice-Shape Chin Chin

Type 2: Bar-shaped chin chin

Chin chin cutter machine is capable of making chin chin in stripes, up to 12mm in length. The width reaches about 3-12mm, and the thickness ranging from 1.5-20mm. Apart from the regular sizes, customers can send us their specific requirements to get tailored service.

Bar-shaped chin chin
Bar-Shaped Chin Chin

Type 3: Chin chin in diamond shape

Besides diced shape and bar-type, chin chin in diamond shape is also very popular in the market. Our chin chin cutter produces the final products with a thickness of 1-2mm and adjustable length and width.

Diamond-shape chin chin
Diamond-Shape Chin Chin

How to use the new chin chin cutter?

The chin chin cutting machine is easy to operate and labor-saving. It mainly contains a pressing part, transmission mechanism, and pasta formation part. The new type of machine has scales, a funnel, and handwheels. Put the dough in the hopper, then it gets pressed. Then it needs to sprinkle flour on the products to avoid stickiness. After that, it rolls into the cutting part. The blade set cuts the dough into the expected forms at a high speed.

Techinical data

Voltage220V, 50hz220v/380v, 50hz
parameter of new type of chin chin cutters

Video of Chin Chin cutter

If you have any inquiries about our chin chin cutting machine, please get in contact with us.

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