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prawn cracker making machine 1
Automatic prawn cracker making machine is designed to make prawn crackers/chips, and shrimp crackers from starch mixing with high efficiency.

    Prawn crackers are a popular puffed snack mainly made from shrimp powder and starch. They are cheap, delicious, and crispy, rich in nutrition. Colored prawn crackers are especially favored by children. Do you know how to make shrimp/prawn crackers industrially? Professional prawn cracker making machine is to mix the shrimp powder with starch, extrude, steam, form shrimp sticks, cut the sticks, slice, and dry into shrimp chips. Commonly sold dried uncooked prawn crackers are ready for frying, and they will expand and become larger instantly, becoming delicious prawn crackers. The prawn cracker machine is designed for mechatronics, with stable performance, multi-purpose machine, no smoke and dust emission in the production process, environmental protection, safety, and hygiene. Thus, the shrimp cracker machine solves the problem of time-consuming and laborious manual production. The prawn chips making machine is often applied in snack food processing plants, restaurants, fast food stores, etc.

    Prawn crackers applications

    The prawn crackers are very popular in China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, etc. Shrimp chips can be often seen in fast food stores, restaurants, condiment processing workshops, snack food factories, etc.

    Prawn chips ingredients & finished products

    General raw materials: corn starch, tapioca starch, shrimp meal/shrimp meat, pepper powder, and other condiments, or add pigments, etc.

    Common finished products: dry uncooked prawn crackers, uncooked shrimp crackers, colored or colorless prawn crackers, shrimp cracker chips

    Working video of automatic shrimp cracker machine

    Features and benefits of prawn cracker making machine

    1. Designed with mechatronics and stable performance. The prawn cracker extruder has an integrated design, composed of a steam box, an electric heating device, a screw auger, a forming die, and a motor.

    2. The shrimp sticks have a high degree of ripening, smooth molding, and no smoke and dust emissions during the production process, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

    3. The prawn cracker machine can be used in conjunction with the CNC cutting machine to realize the automatic control of length. The length of the prawn stick is 50cm-150cm.

    4. Slice thickness adjustable. The general thickness is 0.6mm-3.5mm.

    5. The parts in contact with the material are made of food-grade materials, which meet the requirements of food hygiene.

    6. High production efficiency, the output generally reaches 100-300kg/h or above.

    Prawn chips making machine 1
    Prawn Chips Making Machine 1

    How are prawn chips made with a prawn chips making machine?

    The shrimp stick extruder adopts a new technology of electric heating, electronic automatic temperature control, cooking, cooking, and molding. First, mix the shrimp powder, starch, water, etc. in a certain proportion evenly, and add them to the hopper of the shrimp slicer. Then the screw stirring device driven by the motor pushes the slurry entering the machine forward, and cooks the slurry through the hot water in the steamer. Then, the raw materials are shaped into fine, smooth, and elastic cylindrical or oval shrimp sticks by the mold. After that, let the shrimp sticks cool before cutting them into thin slices with a slicing machine. Finally, dry the shrimp chips with a dryer machine to obtain the finished product. For direct eating, it just needs to use a batch fryer machine to fry it.

    Shrimp chips making machine overview

    The machines included in the prawn cracker production line are the mixing machine, extruder, forming machine, prawn stick cutter, prawn cracker slicer, cooling machine, and dryer. The following is the general introduction of the functions of the main equipment in the shrimp chips production line.

    Mixing machine

    Prawn powder mixing machine:

    It mixes starch, salt, fresh shrimp meat, shrimp oil, water, and other ingredients evenly.

    Prawn crackers extruder machine

    Prawn chips extruder machine:

    The raw material is poured into the feeder device, squeezed, and cooked by the extruder machine, and the clinker is extruded through the die to form a cylindrical billet

    Re-extruding and shaping machine

    Prawn stick forming/shaping machine:

    The prawn cracker making machine extrudes the blanks into the forming machine. The material passes through the mold again to make shrimp sticks with a diameter of 2cm-5cm

    Prawn stick cutter 1

    Prawn stick cutter:

    The length of the cutting stick can be adjusted according to the requirements, and the length of the cutting stick is 50cm-150cm long.

    Praw chips slicing machine 1

    Prawn cracker slicing machine:

    The slice thickness by the slicer is adjustable between 0.6mm-3.5mm.

    Prawn chips drying machine

    Prawn cracker drying machine:

    It achieves the effect of continuous drying of shrimp chips.

    For direct eating, it just needs to use an efficient batch fryer machine to fry it. The prawn chips will triple in size after deep frying and they taste crispy and delicious.

    Specifications of prawn cracker machine

    Machine nameModel: TZ-6FSJ 100Model: TZ-6FSJ 400
    Mixing machinePower: 3.0KW
    Capacity: 30KG/time/10min
    Size: L1050*W910*H1150mm
    N.W.: 110kg
    Power: 7.5KW
    Capacity: 70kg/time/10min
    Size: L1350*W1200*H1450mm
    N.W.: 200kg
    Extruder machinePower:20.7KW
    Cylinder Dia.: 100mm
    Voltage: 380V, 3phases, 50hz
    Size: L1850*W810*H1950mm
    Cylinder Dia.: 126mm
    Voltage:380/440V,3phases, 50/60hz Size:L2200*W1700*H2100mm
    N.W.: 1200kg
    Re-extruding and shaping machinePower:5.5KW
    Mold size: customizable
    Size: L850*W540*H790mm
    N.W.: 250kg
    Mold size: customizable
    Size: L1350*W800*H950mm
    N.W.: 450kg
    Prawn stick cutterPower:1.3KW
    Cut speed: Adjustable
    Size: L1550*W540*H790mm
    N.W.: 150kg
    Cut speed: Adjustable
    Size: L3550*W740*H1150mm
    N.W.: 320kg
    Slicing machinePower:5KW
    Slice thickness: 0.6mm-3.5mm Size:L3650*W1110*H1050mm
    N.W.: 410kg  
    Slice thickness: 0.6mm-3.5mm
    Size: L3650*W1110*H1050mm
    N.W.: 410kg
    Drying machineSize:8530x1320x2470mm
    Power: 75kw
    Transmission motor: 3kw
    Number of layers: 5
    Effective conveyor length: 7m
    Effective drying area: 52.5㎡ Effective conveyor width:1500mm
    Power: 95kw
    Transmission motor: 3kw
    Number of layers: 5
    Effective conveyor length: 10m
    Effective drying area: 75㎡
    Effective conveyor width:1500mm  

    The above table shows the technical data of the main items of two standard models: Model TZ-6FSJ 100 and TZ-6FSJ 400. Besides the main machines, there is also supporting equipment included, such as hoists, a cooling device, and a sorting machine. We can also provide other auxiliary equipment if needed. Model TZ-6FSJ 100 is popular among small-scale prawn cracker producers and TZ-6FSJ 400 with a larger output, is suitable for medium prawn chips businesses. The specifications are the standard types, and non-standard specifications can also be customized.

    Prawn cracker machine manufacturer
    Prawn Cracker Machine Manufacturer

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