Snack food frying machine

Snack food frying machine
Semi-automatic frying machine is also called frame fryer, oil-water separation fryer. It has a wide range of applications and has a variety of output options.

The snack food frying machine is an energy-saving commercial batch fryer machine for various kinds of snacks. The industrial frying machine can be heated by electricity or gas. Adopting high-quality food-grade stainless steel materials, the machine is hygienic and easy to clean, showing exquisite workmanship and durability. The commercial basket frying machine has a wide range, suitable for frying potato chips, french fries, banana chips, fish, chicken, meat, pork rinds, onion, namkeen, chin chin, peanut, green beans, and other snacks. This snack food fryer machine is an oil-water separation machine, which greatly saves oil compared with other commercial frying machines. A series of models with different portable baskets including a single basket, double basket, triple basket, 4-baskets, 5-basket, 6-basket types are all available to meet small or medium outputs of restaurants, hotels, canteens, fast food shops, or food processing factories.

Application of snack food frying machine

The commercial batch fryer machine is a multifunctional, oil-water separation frying equipment. Automatic temperature control during the frying process makes the frying temperature uniform and ensures the color of the fried food. The batch frying machine is suitable for almost all fried snacks on the market. Such as French fries, potato chips, banana chips, onion rings, peanuts, beans, namkeen, chin chin, Chakli, Kuli-kuli, fried chicken wings, squid rings, tempura shrimp, etc.

Semi-automatic frying machine application
Semi-Automatic Frying Machine Application

Video of automatic snack frying machine

Commercial batch fryer structure and features

The basic structure of a snack food frying machine includes an automatic temperature control system, heating system (electric heating tubes, or natural gas and burner), automatic filtering system, machine frame, basket, etc.

  1. Adopting an intelligent digital display temperature controller, the commercial batch fryer machine can realize automatic temperature control and even heating to avoid over frying and save energy. With an over-temperature protection device, it is safe during operation.
  2. Capable of frying different types of food at the same time without the mutual influence of food taste and the stickiness of foods;
  3. The industrial frying machine is made of all 304 stainless steel, meeting food safety standards.
  4. The semi-automatic batch fryer has the portable basket(s), convenient for discharging the final products.
  5. Multiple functions. The snack frying machinery can also be used as a blanching machine.
  6. A wide range of applications, suitable for frying a variety of foods;
  7. Different capacities can meet the production needs of different frying manufacturers.

The capacity of gas/electric snack food fryer machine

The snack food batch fryer machine is divided into two types: electric heating type and gas heating type. The capacity of both types varies with the number of baskets.

Electric heating

electric heating oil-water separation fryer

The snack food batch fryer machine is a semi-automatic commercial deep frying machine. The capacity is accounting according to the number of baskets in the frying frame. For example, TZ500 has only one heating frame, and its output is 50kg/h. TZ1000 has two heating frames, its output is 100kg/h.

50kg per hour electric heating commercial fryer
50Kg Per Hour Electric Heating Commercial Fryer
100kg per hour electric heating commercial fryer
100Kg Per Hour Electric Heating Commercial Fryer

Gas heating

ModelSize(mm)Weight(kg)Power (kcal)Capacity(kg/h)
gas heating oil-water separation fryer

This is a gas-type commercial batch fryer, which is equipped with a burner and pressure valve. The above chart shows two models of snack food frying machines. The more the basket, the larger the output.

Industrial frying machine packaging and delivery

As a professional industrial deep frying machine manufacturer, we have produced and exported the machinery to a great number of countries.

Other types of batch fryer machines

Apart from basket-type batch frying machine, we also have round batch frying machines and continuous frying machines, which is more automatic.

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