Commercial basket frying machine for restaurant | deep fryer

Semi-automatic frying machine
Semi-automatic frying machine

The commercial basket frying machine is a deep batch fryer, which can be heated by electricity or gas. The commercial basket food frying machine has a wide range. It is suitable for frying seafood, meat, vegetables, or other snack products.

This machine is an oil-water separation machine, which greatly saves oil compared with other commercial frying machines. It is widely used in deep-fried snacks, deep-fried French fries, deep-fried fries, chinchin fried, and other snack foods.

Application of commercial basket frying machine

The commercial basket food fryer is a multifunctional, oil-water separation frying equipment. The food fryer can realize automatic temperature control during the frying process. Thus make the frying temperature uniform and ensure the color of the fried food. The oil-water separation basket frying machine is suitable for almost all fried snacks on the market. Such as French fries, potato chips, banana chips, peanuts, broad beans, shaqima, Chakli, squid rings, vegetable cakes, tempura, etc.

semi-automatic frying machine application
semi-automatic frying machine application

Restaurant basket food frying machine capacity

Electric heating basket fryer

electric heating oil-water separation fryer

The semi-automatic commercial basket frying machine capacity is accounting according to the number of baskets in the frying frame. For example, TZ500 has only one heating frame, and its output is 50kg/h. TZ1000 has two heating frames, its output is 100kg/h.

50kg per hour electric heating commercial fryer
50kg per hour electric heating commercial fryer
100kg per hour electric heating commercial fryer
100kg per hour electric heating commercial fryer

Gas heating frame fryer

ModelSize(mm)Weight(kg)Power (kcal)Capacity(kg/h)
gas heating oil-water separation fryer
100kg per hour gas heating frame fryer
100kg per hour gas heating frame fryer

Commercial food frying machine features

  1. This commercial basket frying machine can realize automatic temperature control and even heating;
  2. A wide range of applications, suitable for frying a variety of foods;
  3. The semi-automatic fryer is also an oil-water separation frying equipment.
  4. Different capacities can meet the production needs of different frying manufacturers;
  5. The fryer machine is made of all 304, with a simple structure and long service life.

Fried chicken wings

kuli kuli frying machine

Chakli frying machine

chicken wings fryer machine 1

Automatic chicken wings fryer machine | basket deep fryer

The automatic chicken wings fryer machine is a semi-automatic basket deep fryer, widely applied in the food industry. Chicken wings are a popular snack nowadays. From the small streets to large business centers, it is easy to find all kinds of chicken wing stores. The fried chicken wings market has promising development potential.

kuli kuli machine 1

New kuli kuli frying machine | peanut cake making machine

The new kuli kuli machine is a commercial deep frying machine with automatic temperature control and even heating. Besides the Nigerian snack kuli-kuli (peanut cake), the groundnut cake making machinery is also applicable to the deep frying of chin chin, Chakli, Akara, tortilla, or other snacks.

Namkeen frying machine

Indian pasta snack namkeen frying machine manufacturer

Our company offers automatic namkeen frying machine, also named continuous deep frying machine which can fry flour-based material into namkeen. The fried food has good appearance and tastes crispy with unique flavor. The namkeen frying machine price is fair, with a modest initial investment and a high and quick return.

automatic batch frying machine

Circular batch fryer | commercial deep food frying machine

The automatic batch fryer is a full 304 stainless steel machine, which can realize automatic feeding, automatic mixing, automatic degreasing, automatic discharging, and other programs. It can be used alone or combined with other machines to form a production line.

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