New kuli kuli frying machine | peanut cake making machine

kuli kuli machine 1
kuli kuli machine 1

The new kuli kuli machine is a commercial deep frying machine with automatic temperature control and even heating. Besides the Nigerian snack kuli-kuli (peanut cake), the groundnut cake making machinery is also applicable to the deep frying of chin chin, Chakli, Akara, tortilla, or other snacks. With advanced technology, including water-oil mixing, automatic temperature control and residue filtration, the basket deep fryer can prolong the oil change cycle and greatly reduce the oil cost. This kuli kuli processing machine is suitable for small and medium-sized food processing units.

Outstanding features of kuli kuli machine

  • The whole machine material is high-quality stainless steel, which is sanitary, clean, and durable.
  • Intelligent digital display and temperature controller: convenient to control.
  • Automatic temperature control: no overheating phenomenon. Tt can avoid the increase in acid value of oil and the generation of black oil, which greatly reduces the oil smoke.
  • Water oil mixing technology and automatic residue filtration: prolong the oil change cycle and greatly reduce the consumption of oil.
  • Electric or gas heating: energy-saving and environmental friendly.
  • Multiple uses: applicable to the deep frying of various kinds of food.
kuli kuli processing machine
kuli kuli processing machine

Kuli kuli making machine structures

  1. Basic structure: automatic temperature control system, manual lifting system;
  2. Heating system: electricity, heat transfer oil, liquefied gas, natural gas;
  3. Automatic oil filtration system: dynamic circulation system;
  4. Mesh belt conveying system: variable frequency speed regulation, quantitative conveying.
peanut cake making machine
peanut cake making machine

Specification: peanut cake making machine

Basket numberModelDimension (mm)Capacity
Electric Type
Gas Type

The above is part of the technical data of our kuli kuli machine. If you have special requirements, welcome to get in touch with us. We can also provide you with customized service if necessary.

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