150kg/h industrial deep fryer machine exported to Pakistan

deep fryer machine in pakistan
As an experienced food machinery manufacturer, we have designed and produced industrial deep frying machines to meet different customer needs. Recently, we have sold a semi-automatic basket type deep fryer machine in Pakistan.

A deep frying machine is a cooking machine widely used in fast-food restaurants, hotels, and catering establishments. In medium or large restaurants, fried food stores, an automatic deep fryer machine is often required. As an experienced food machinery manufacturer, we have designed and produced a variety of industrial deep frying machines to meet different customer needs, such as basket type, automatic discharge round type, and conveyor belt frying machine. Recently, we have sold a semi-automatic basket-type deep fryer machine in Pakistan.

Industrial deep frying machine details

The industrial deep fryer machine is kitchen equipment that uses cooking oil as the main raw material to fry food. The commercial deep frying machine has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable structure, simple operation, fast heating speed, controllable temperature, and easy cleaning. The restaurant industrial deep fryer is multifunctional, for it can also be used as a blanching machine. The gas/electric deep fryer machines are favored by restaurants, hotels, fast food stores, and fried food processing plants.

Restaurant industrial deep fryer 1
Restaurant Industrial Deep Fryer 1

Deep fryer machine in Pakistan order details

Our Pakistanian customer was planning to buy an automatic deep fryer machine for his own restaurant. The small fryer he used before has a small output, which could not meet his needs with the business expansion. Besides, its frying temperature could not be automatically controlled. After knowing about our company’s industrial deep frying machine on the website, he was attracted by its diverse functions and high efficiency. The commercial deep frying machine automatically controls the heating and frying temperature and saves a lot of energy. The more the frying baskets, the more the outputs.

We also sent the working video and machine specifications to the Pakistani customer. For his questions about the machine details, our sales gave him instant and detailed answers. He was impressed with our automatic controlled product and considerate service during the communication. Then, he knew about our rich export experience and guaranteed after-sale services, this Pakistani customer finally ordered the TZ-1500model. The electric deep fryer machine he ordered has three baskets with an output of 150kg/h and the dimension of 1700*700*950mm. The temperate is adjustable, reaching up to 220 Celsius degrees.

Industrial deep fryer machine 1
Industrial Deep Fryer Machine 1

Deep fryer machine price in Pakistan

The price of the deep fryer machine in Pakistan is determined by the cost of machine materials and the cost of technology. For industrial fryer machines, we offer electric type and gas type in terms of heating methods. The general output ranges from 50kg to 1000kg/h. For different models and types, the machine price is different. After we get your specific requirements, we will send you the quotation and other machine details.

How does automatic deep fryer machine improve business benefits?

Frying french fries in basket deep fryer
Frying French Fries In Basket Deep Fryer

It is known that the use of automatic frying machines has replaced the original method of manually frying food, saving a lot of human resources and time. In addition, the deep frying equipment can also improve the benefits of enterprises in other aspects.

  • The deep fryer machine in Pakistan is a multi-purpose machine, suitable for frying various kinds of food. Besides the frying function, it can also be used to blanch potatoes, fruits, peanuts, almond, etc.
  • The advanced automatic oil filtering equipment can keep the frying oil clean and make the fried products consistent, which not only improves the product quality, prolongs the shelf life, but also brings higher added value to the products. There is no need to change the oil frequently. The oil consumed during the frying process of the product can be greatly reduced.
  • Advanced and efficient heating system and automatic temperature control technology improve product quality and reduce energy waste.
  • The advanced mechanical configuration and control can always maintain a good working condition, which not only improves the output but also makes the product quality stable.
  • The degree of automation is high and it is also easy to operate and maintain. It does not need much labor cost.