Commercial Murukku Chakli frying machine | Akar Kelapa fryer

commercial Chakli frying machine
Commercial chakli frying machine is suitable for frying Chakli,Murukku,Akar kelapa and other snacks.It can set the frying time and temperature according to production needs.

The commercial Chakli frying machine adopts all 304 stainless steel. According to the number of frying frames, it has 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h, and 200kg/h models. This semi-automatic snack fryer has two heating methods: electric heating and gas heating. The frying operation of this machine is very simple with a stable structure. Therefore, it is widely welcomed by customers.

About chakli and its variants

Chakli is a very famous snack in southern India and Sri Lanka. In Indonesia, this kind of chakli is also called Akar Kelapa. It is a fried snack made from rice noodles, Bengal Gram, and Black Gram.
This snack is crispy and it is a common snack for daily life and festivals.

Chakli is generally round with spikes on its surface, while Murukku is a flat surface. Indonesia’s Akar Kelapa does not have a circular structure but composes of small strips.

How to use the Chakli frying machine to fry chakli?

It has a simple operation for the commercial murukku deep fryer machine. It composes of a heating device and a frying lifting device. When frying chakli, connect the power supply and introduce cooking oil to preheat. After preheating, put the handmade chakli into the frying tank for frying.

The frying temperature and time of the Chakli frying machine can be set according to the customer’s frying needs. After frying, raise the frying frame to pour out the fried murukku and remove the oil.

The chakli fryer machine can equip with an electric deoiling machine for deoiling. And you can also buy multiple frying frames. After frying in one basket, you can replace it with new frying frames to achieve continuous frying.

Commercial chakli fryer
Commercial chakli fryer

Chakli fryer machine highlights

  • Various heating options

The commercial chakli fryer has two heating methods to choose from electric heating and gas heating. Therefore, customers can conveniently choose a suitable heating machine according to their own heating source. This also provides an alternative option for powering underdeveloped countries.

  • Wide production range

The stainless steel chakli frying machine has four production capacities. It can meet the production requirements of different customers. Therefore, the machine is suitable for street vendors, restaurants, and small food processing plants.

  • All 304 stainless steel structures are safe and stable

Whether an electric heating machine or a gas heating type fryer, it adopts all 304 stainless steel. The use of 304 material makes the chakli frying machine resistant to corrosion and ensures the safety of the frying work.

  • Special baffle, pulley design

It designs a baffle next to the frying frame of the Murukku fryer to prevent oil from splashing everywhere. The bottom of the machine equips with movable wheels, so customers can easily move the machine for frying production.

Factory stocks of food frying machines in Taizy

Taizy factory’s fryers come in different models and specifications, and also have different heating methods to choose from. We can also customize the voltage, plug, etc. of the fryer according to customer needs.

Taizy food processing machine factory
Taizy food processing machine factory