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Namkeen frying machine

Namkeen or namkin is famous Indian snack food. This kind of pasta snack has other names, including Khaara, Farsan, Chevda, Sev, Chips, Bhajiya, Mixture, used in other areas of India. In Hindi words, namkeen means savory or salty foods. Our company offers automatic namkeen frying machine, also named continuous deep frying machine which can fry flour-based material into namkeen. The fried food has good appearance and tastes crispy with unique flavor. The namkeen frying machine price is fair, with a modest initial investment and a high and quick return.

Namkeen 1

Namkeen frying machine features

Frying machine for namkeen has a variety of features and gains much popularity in the market.

  • High efficiency and productivity. The namkeen fryer machine’s automatic and continuous operation enhances work efficiency, greatly decreases labor and management costs. The maximum output can be 1500 kg/h.
  • Energy-saving and oil-saving. Using automated temperature control technology, namkeen making machine does not cause overheating. The working temperature of namkeen making equipment can be set within the range of 0-300 degrees. The advanced and efficient heating system can reduce energy waste and save a significant amount of money.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean. The continuous namkeen fryer material is stainless steel, which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The automatic scraping system of the continuous fryer for namkeen can efficiently remove the food residue. Besides, users can lift the cover for cleaning the inside.

We are an expert namkeen frying machine manufacturer, offering both high-quality product and service.

Continuous namkeen fryer
Continuous Namkeen Fryer

Working principle of namkeen fryer machine

A single-layer mesh belt and a double-layer mesh belt are all available for the namkeen batch fryer machine. The namkeen fryer equipment’s mesh belt conveyor system uses frequency conversion speed regulation, and the automated filtration system is divided into two types: pure oil filtration and oil-water mixing. The adoption of high and low-temperature oil technology avoids scorching of the residue beneath the oil layer, resulting in a significant reduction in oil waste. A good production system is ensured by an automated smoke exhaust system and consistent temperature management of the namkeen maker.

Continuous fryer machine2
Continuous Fryer Machine

Other types of namkeen fryer equipment

  • Semi-auto basket fryer machine for namkeen

Small namkeen frying businesses can benefit from the square fryer. The output range of this machine is 50kg/h to 200kg/h. The capacity of a single frying machine is 50kg/h. After frying, users can pull up the frying frame. The heating ways can be electricity or gas.

Semi auto basket fryer for namkeen 1
Semi-Auto Basket Fryer For Namkeen
  • Semi-auto round batch fryer for namkeen

The semi-auto round batch fryer can also cook batches of namkeen. The fryer’s output ranges from 100 to 200 kg/h, with the functions of automated loading and unloading tasks. Electricity or gas can be the heating sources of the namkeen machine.

Semi auto round batch fryer machine for namkeen
Semi-Auto Round Batch Fryer Machine For Namkeen

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