Commercial fried chicken machine

commercial fried chicken machine
commercial fried chicken machine

The commercial fried chicken machine is a semi-automatic deep fryer with automatic discharging, automatic temperature control, and automatic mixing functions. The fried chicken is uniform and bright in color without mutual stickiness. The oil filtering function can prolong the service life of frying oil. The chicken fryer machine commercial is suitable for frying chicken, pork, beef, fish, nuts, pasta, conditioning, etc. The automatic discharging batch fryer is applicable to small and medium-sized food processing units, widely used in fast-food restaurants, canteens, food processing factories, and so on.

Popularity of fried chicken and fried chicken machine

Chicken has high protein content and various kinds of nutrients. It is easy to be absorbed by the human body and can enhance physical strength. Fried chicken has a strongly attractive flavor. There is a great demand for various flavors of fried chicken to meet customers’ needs.

To make batches of well-fried chicken, it is necessary to use a professional deep fryer machine to realize automatic production and a high-quality frying effect. An industrial batch-type chicken frying equipment is an ideal choice.

What are significant functions of automatic chicken fryer machine?

The commercial fried chicken machine is an highly automatic deep frying machine, with many outstanding functions.

  • Automatic discharging: with motor drive, the fried chicken machine can be lifted automatically after frying and poured out the food automatically after draining oil. Automatic discharging reduces the labor intensity of workers and save the frying time.
  • Automatic mixing: The mixing function ensures the uniformity of product frying and prevent products from sticking to each other.
  • Automatic temperature control: There is an electric control instrument. When the oil temperature reaches higher than the set temperature, the heating equipment automaticllay stops heating. When the oil temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heating device starts heating to ensure the corresponding frying temperature. Thus, the automatic batch fryer guarantees the product quality.
fried chicken machine
fried chicken machine

Structure features of commercial fried chicken machine

  1. Made of 304 stainless steel, the fried chicken machine is hygienic and durable.
  2. Multiple heating methods. Gas or electric heating
  3. There is triangular sediment mechanism, funnel-shaped slag discharge device in the bottom of the fried chicken machine commercial.
  4. Independent power distribution control box.
  5. Advanced oil-saving space technology. In the process of use, the edible oil is heated through the heating pipes. The fryer is equipped with a temperature measuring device. Reasonable temperature control can ensure the qualified rate of the product.
  6. The automatic discharging device saves time and labor, reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency.
  7. Over-temperature protection device can help ensure operation safety.
  8. Various outputs. The general capacity of the fried chicken machine is 100-600kg/h. Customized services are available.
chicken fryer machine commercial 1
chicken fryer machine commercial 1

Supporting equipment

To make battered chicken, an automatic meat battering machine can be connected with the deep frying machine. help.

batter coating machine
batter coating machine

For more details about the commercial deep fryer for fried chicken, please do not hesitate to send us your specific requirements.

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How to clean and maintain a continuous potato chips fryer?

After frying food for a long time, the surface of the continuous potato chips fryer may turn black, and the performance of the continuous fryer machine may not be good as before with unreasonable operations. To prolong the service life of continuous potato chips equipment, it is necessary to clean and maintain it regularly.

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