Fully automatic Akara frying machine | Nigeria bean cake fryer

Commercial AKara frying machine
Commercial AKara frying machine

The fully automatic Akara frying machine is a fully automatic stainless steel continuous frying machine. It can realize continuous and non-stop deep-fried Akara. The machine can be customized according to the customer’s frying needs for 3m, 5m, and 6m long machines. The large bean cake continuous fryer machine equips with an oil storage tank, oil filter, and other machines to filter oil while frying.

Commercial Akara frying machine introduction

The commercial Akara fryer machine is a mesh belt type continuous fryer machine. Continuous means that the machine can deep-fry Akara without interruption. Because the fryer has a double-layer mesh belt structure, when frying, it can completely immerse Akara in oil for frying. And there is a stirring shaft in the fryer, which can push Akara forward. The continuous fryer adopts PLC intelligent control panel, so it can intelligently control the temperature and time of frying.

Automatic continuous frying machine
Automatic Continuous Frying Machine

Nigeria Akara frying machine characteristic

  • Good fried color

When frying, Akara is completely immersed in oil, and its frying temperature and time can also be set. Therefore, the machine deep-fried Akara more evenly, the time is right, and the deep-fried color is good.

  • Clean working environment

The commercial Akara frying machine has a device for exhausting oil fume. When frying, it can automatically discharge the resulting frying. Therefore, it can ensure a clean and tidy frying environment.

  • Wide frying application

Because the fryer can customize the frying temperature and time according to the characteristics of the frying material. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for frying various fried foods, such as potato chips, chicken nuggets, fried food, and other deep-fried food.

  • Customized equipment

The fully automatic Akara fryer machine is a customized fryer. It can customize the machine according to customer needs, including the length and width of the machine.

About Akara

Akara is a street snack similar to Chinese donut sticks. It is very popular in West Africa and Brazil. It is a pie-like structure made of cowpeas and onions. Then it is deep-fried in the deep fryer to form. It can be eaten by wrapping various sauces inside Akara.

Nigeria akara balls
Nigeria Akara Balls

Other use of the akara frying machine

    continuous potato chips fryer

    How to clean and maintain a continuous potato chips fryer?

    After frying food for a long time, the surface of the continuous potato chips fryer may turn black, and the performance of the continuous fryer machine may not be good as before with unreasonable operations. To prolong the service life of continuous potato chips equipment, it is necessary to clean and maintain it regularly.

    falafel frying machine 1

    Automatic falafel frying machine | commercial falafel fryer

    The falafel frying machine is an advanced automatic conveyor frying machine widely used in the food processing industry. Commercial falafel fryer is also suitable for frying pasta food, seafood, meat, nuts, fruits, and others. The industrial falafel fryer machine is a multifunctional continuous frying machine.

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