Fully automatic Lumpia frying machine exported to Indonesia

Lumipa frying machine in Indonesia
Recently,we exported a 7m gas heating Lumpia frying machine to Indonesia.The customer intends to use the machine to fry Lumpia,samosa,shrimp and other materials.

Lumpia is very popular not only in Indonesia but also in the Philippines. Commercial Lumpia frying machine can meet the needs of merchants for Lumpia’s bulk frying. And during frying, the machine can keep a constant temperature to make Lumpia’s frying color uniform and golden. Therefore, this fully automatic Lumpia fryer is very popular among commercial operators.

Recently, we exported a gas-heated Lumpia frying machine to Indonesia.

Filipino Lumpia VS Indonesian Lumpia

Lumpia is a specific name for spring rolls in Indonesia and the Philippines.Both types of Lumpi a were brought in by Chinese immigrants.For now,it has become an indispensable snack in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Philippines and indonesia lumpia
Philippines And Indonesia Lumpia

The fillings of these two types of Lumpia wraps are somewhat different.Both contain shrimp or tofu, but Indonesian Lumpi does not contain pork.This is also a change to cater to more Muslim customers.In the dip, the two are also different. The Philippine sauce is sweet and sour, while the Indonesian sauce is accompanied by a lot of chili.

Gas heating Lumpia frying machine order details

The Indonesian customer sent us an inquiry about the commercial Lumpia fryer machine in mid-November. After detailed communication with the customer, we learned that the customer owns a food processing plant. He wants to expand his business and plans to buy a deep fryer for frying Lumpia, chicken nuggets, shrimp, and other products. After learning that the customer wanted to expand his business scope, we recommended this continuous mesh belt fryer to him. On the one hand, the fryer can set the frying temperature and time according to different material characteristics. On the other hand, the continuous Lumpia frying equipment can be customized with different lengths according to customer needs. After understanding the characteristics and price of the machine in detail. The customer finally chose a gas-heated 7m automatic fryer.

Commercial lumpia fryer machine gas heater
commercial Lumpia fryer machine gas heater

Why does the Indonesian customer choose the industrial Lumpia fryer machine

  • Wide raw material application

The commercial Lumpia frying machine is widely used for frying various deep-fried foods. Therefore, it can satisfy the customer’s frying work for Lumpia, chicken nuggets, and shrimp. He does not need to buy two more machines to fry the other two products. This machine can meet the customer’s needs, which saves the customer a lot of costs.

  • Corrosion resistant and has a stable structure

The machine adopts all 304 stainless steel, which has the characteristics of corrosion and a stable structure. Moreover, the frame structure of the machine contains thermal insulation cotton to ensure a constant temperature during frying.

  • Automatically control frying temperature and time

The automatic Lumpia frying machine uses an intelligent PLC display screen to control the operation of the machine. Therefore, customers can set the frying temperature and time according to their own frying materials. And during the frying process, the machine can keep the temperature constant.

  • Customized machine

The commercial Lumpia fryer machine is a customized machine. The customer chose a 7m long machine after measuring the remaining area of his plant. We can customize the machine and design the location of the machine according to your plant area and location.

7m lumpia frying machine
7M Lumpia Frying Machine

These are the reasons why customers choose this automatic fryer. In addition, this machine also has other functions. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us. We will introduce to you the functions of the machine in detail.