How to use the electric chin chin cutter machine?

electric chin chin cutter
How to use the chin chin cutter to cut chin chin dough,then use the dough to make Nigeria chin chin,Ghana chips?

The electric chin chin cutter can make Nigeria snack chin chin, Ghana chips, and other products. So, it is welcomed by customers in Nigeria, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, and other regions. The machine has a stable structure and is easy to operate. So, how to use the chin chin cutter machine?

How to use the electric chin chin cutter machine

The chin chin cutting machine mainly consists of a flour bucket, a conveyor, the pressure roller, the flour sprinkling device, and the cutting device. The machine is an automatic cutting machine. It can realize automatic feeding, conveying, cutting.

Chin chin cutter machine cutting effect
Chin Chin Cutter Machine Cutting Effect

Before using the machine, you need a chin chin mixer machine to make the whole dough. Then, put the dough into the flour bucket. Or, you can use a dough pressing machine to press the dough repeatedly. Then, the conveyor will convey the dough forward. When conveying on the conveyor belt, the flour sprinkler will automatically sprinkle flour onto the dough. Then, it will come into the cutting device for cutting. From the whole dough to chin chin dough, the whole process is automatic.

So, the electric chin chin cutter is very easy to operate. When using the machine to make chin chin, you just need to prepare the dough and then put it into the machine. The machine will automatically convey it and cutting into a small square shape.

Nigeria chin chin cutter application
Nigeria Chin Chin Cutter Application

Why the electric chin chin cutting machine is worth invest?

  1. The pastry dough cutting machine can not only cut chin chin, but also cut into round, square, crescent, and other shapes. You can various snack food by the different production process.
  2. The chin chin cutter machine not only has one model. It has one, two, three, or multi rollers to press the dough. The greater the number of Rollers, the greater its output.
  3. It only needs one person to operate, and it saves energy.
  4. The electric chin chin cutter machine is suitable for making chin chin snack commercially. It can equip with a fryer machine and chin chin packaging machine.
Industrial chin chin cutter
Industrial Chin Chin Cutter

We have exported the machine to Nigeria, Ghana, Saudi fabric, and other countries. If you are interested in the machine, please contact us without hesitation.