The safe operation method of the electric batch fryer

electric heating square fryer

The electric batch fryer is easy to operate and low in price, which can quickly create income for us. But if used improperly, it may cause safety hazards. How can we operate the electric batch frying machine correctly and avoid danger? The following are some ways to maintain the machine to ensure the safe use of the fryer machine for a long time.

Electric heating batch fryer maintain

  • The electric heating batch fryer is an oil-water separation machine, and the water should be replaced regularly during use. It should be replaced once a day in summer, and the water can be replaced according to the water quality in winter to ensure the oil quality.
  • The batch deep fryer must be filled with oil before use to avoid burning the heating tube
  • After using for a period of time, it will generate some residue on the surface of the heating tube, and the residue should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, use a puffed or rag filled with detergent to clean the heating tube. Or using a soft brush to brush off the dirt on the heating tube.
  • The dirt on the surface of the electric batch frying machine should also be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive dirt accumulation and cause a fire.
Electric batch fryer
Electric Batch Fryer
  • Every time you clean, you should unplug the power plug and clean when the fryer is in a cooling state
  • After turning on equipment or during the frying process, there is at least one staff member to check the frying situation.
  • During the frying process, the production workshop must install a cooling fan to ensure that the workshop temperature is not higher than 45-50 degrees. Prevent the machine from shutting down suddenly due to the hearing protection device.
  • It is strictly forbidden to add water to the fryer during the frying process. And you should do not replace the internal water when the oil temperature is higher than 80 degrees. When the water level in the fryer is high, you should open the oil drain valve to discharge a certain amount of water to avoid oil spills due to excessive oil levels.

Features of electric batch frying machine

  • The electric batch frying machine adopts stainless steel seamless heating tube, It ensures the safety of frying and will not explode if oil leakage occurs;
  • The heating pipes of the batch deep fryer are connected in series. If one heating tube damage, it will not affect the use of the entire machine;
  • The electric batch fryer machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets food safety and sanitation standards;
  • There are four capacities for the square fryer, 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h and 200kg/h;
  • The fryer adopts advanced oil-water separation technology, which saves oil usage.
200kg electric batch frying machine
200Kg Electric Batch Frying Machine

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