Electric chin chin cutting machine in Nigeria

Nigeria chin chin cutting machine
The electric chin chin cutting machine is used to cut the dough into small pieces. We have exported chin chin cutters to Nigeria and Ghana many times.

    Chin chin is a popular fried dough snack in West Africa and Nigeria. Therefore,the electric chin chin cutting machine is popular in Nigeria. The chin chin is similar to a doughnut made from wheat flour baked or fried dough. It can be baked, but it is more fried. Chin chin has a salty and sweet version. It is a very suitable snack for afternoon tea, watching movies, and playing games.

    The production of chin chin is also very simple. It can consist of a simple production line consisting of a dough mixer, a noodle machine, a Nigeria chin chin cutter, a frying machine, and a packaging machine. Our chin chin making machines are very popular in Nigeria.

    Nigeria chin chin cutter application
    Nigeria Chin Chin Cutter Application

    Chin chin production process

    1. Put the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and nutmeg into the dough mixer and mix evenly, and stir into a dough shape;

    2. Then put the dough into the dough pressing machine and press it into a flat shape, and make the dough more chewy

    3. Then put the pressed flat dough into the Chin chin cutter and cut into small squares. The small cubes cut by cutting machines have the same size. And the machine can replace the cutters of different sizes and shapes.

    4. Put these small doughs into the chin chin fryer for frying. The automatic discharging frying machine is thermostatically controlled, so it can ensure the color of frying.

    5. Finally, put the fried dough into the packaging machine for packaging.

    Nigeria chin chin cutting machine export case

    We have exported many sets of chin chin processing machines to Nigeria, and have received unanimous praise from customers. One of the Nigerian customers bought the dough mixer and chin chin cutting machine from us for the first time. Later, when his factory expanded, he bought two cutting machines, an automatic discharge fryer, and a packaging machine from us for the second time.

    Nigeria chin chin cutting machine
    Nigeria Chin Chin Cutting Machine

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