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Sometimes customers worry that the food frying machine is not easy to use, or the frying effect is not good. Why do customers worry about this? Next, we will solve the doubts for you through the relevant knowledge we summarize.

food frying machine

Question 1: What are the floor space of the small fryer, fully automatic fryer, vacuum fryer, and frying line?

Professional technician: This problem is very common. Every customer who decides to purchases a food frying machine will ask it since some customers doe not know where to place it. Actually, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Our technicians will design a blueprint for equipment according to the plant area.

Question 2: What are the requirements for the staff when purchasing the fully automatic frying line?

Professional technician: The fully automatic frying machine has a high degree of automation. We will have a professional technician to train the staff of the customer on how to use the machine. Ordinary employees can operate the machine smoothly after training, and there are no special technical requirements for personnel.

Question 3: How many people are needed to complete the operation of the small fryer and vacuum food frying machine?

Professional technician: Each machine needs 1-2 people to complete the operation, as long as they follow the process of our training carefully. However, the frying line needs more than one person to operate, because this is a complete set of frying production line, which cannot be done by one person.

Question 4: What should I do if there is a fault when using the vacuum fryer?

Professional technician: Please turn off the power switch for the first time, and send us the picture of the machine. If it is a simple fault, we will teach you how to solve it by video.

Question 5: Can the shape of the food fryer machine be customized according to my need?

Professional technician: The shape of the food frying machine is developed and produced by us after many years of experience. At present, it is basically suitable for all production enterprises. If needed, we also can customize it for you.

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