How to make chin chin commercially?

chin chin
How to use the chinchin making machine to make chin chin commercially? What should you pay attention to when using the industrial chin chin cutter and making process?

    Chinchin is one of the very popular snacks in West Africa. It can be hard, soft, and taste can be sweet or salty. Its style and taste are changeable, and it is a popular snack for afternoon tea, movie night, and game time. Many large food factories and snack food factories in Nigeria, Ghana, and other places have invested money in the production of chin chin food. So how to make chin chin snacks commercially? How to use an industrial chin chin cutter to cut chinchin dough? What are the precautions during the production process?

    Machines needed to make chinchin snacks

    The complete chin chin making steps are: preparing ingredients-making dough-cutting chin chin-frying chinchin-packaging.

    For large and small food manufacturing plants, they have different scales. So the specifications and output of the machines used are also different.

    Chin chin making machine
    Chin Chin Making Machine

    Large-scale food production plants may produce chinchin snacks in large quantities. Therefore, it needs a more automated production line to make it. For small food factories, it has limited capital and space. Therefore, it may only need an industrial chin chin cutter and a small fryer to solve the problem.

    How to make chinchin using the commercial chin chin making machine?

    1. Prepare ingredients  
      When making chin chin, it generally needs milk, flour, sugar, eggs, salt, baking powder, and other materials. In the actual production, you can also add pepper, cinnamon, and other materials according to the local taste
    2. Making chin chin dough   
      Mix the prepared materials evenly and form a dough shape. In this step, you can use a professional dough mixer or continuously knead it by hand.
    3. Cutting chin chin     
      Before cutting the dough, you can use a dough press machine to press repeatedly. For industrial chin chin cutter, we provide machines with different models and output for different customers. It has a small chin chin making machine suitable for retail customers and an automatic chin chin cutting machine suitable for large food factories.
    Chin chin cutter machine cutting effect
    Chin Chin Cutter Machine Cutting Effect
    1. Frying chinchin   
      Although there is a baked chinchin version, the fried version is the most popular. For frying machines, we also provide machines with different outputs. It can adapt to the needs of various customers. The chinchin fryer has a variety of heating methods such as electricity and gas. And, it also has the function of automatically controlling the temperature.
    2. Chinchin packaging  
      In order to ensure long-term storage and convenient carrying, you can use a chinchin packaging machine for packaging after cooling. It can control the weight and grams of packaging.

    Precautions during production

    For the chinchin taste, you can add the corresponding ingredients to obtain the corresponding taste. It should add when making the chinchin dough according to your needs or the needs of local customers.

    It has hard, soft, and in-between versions. If you want a soft chinchin, you should add butter and fermented flour to the dough when making the dough. If you want a hard chinchin, don’t add eggs and baking powder, but you can add milk.

    When cutting the dough, you can replace the industrial chin chin cutter to make different shapes and sizes. We can customize according to customers’ needs.

    How to make chin chin commercially
    How To Make Chin Chin Commercially

    Frying is the most important step in determining the shape of a chin chin. Before frying, you should first put in a few pieces of dough to test. If the dough stays at the bottom for a long time, you need to raise the temperature and then frying. If the dough quickly floats on the surface. You need to lower the frying temperature. Wait until the dough shows a gradually rising state, then the oil temperature is correct.

    If you want to ensure that the chin chin can remain crispy for a longer period of time, you should store or pack it after it completely cooled.