Fried peanut processing machine | nut production line

The fried peanut processing machine can not only be used for frying peanuts but also frying other nuts and beans (broad bean). The frying time is adjustable, which truly achieves low energy consumption and high output. The processed peanuts are of high quality and can fully meet customer needs. In addition, the fried peanut processing machine bears stable performance, and the peanuts after frying meet the food hygiene standards.

Fried peanut production line
Fried Peanut Production Line

Deep-fried peanuts production machine Overview

Output: 50-500kg/h

Degree of automation: semi-automatic and fully automatic

Heating method: electric heating and gas heating.

Customized or not: yes

Production process: shelling peanuts – blanching peanuts – peeling peanuts – fried peanuts – deoiling – flavoring – the packaging.

The list of the fried peanut processing machine

1peanut sheller machine
2peanut blanching machine 
3wet peanut peeling machine
4frying machine
5deoling machine
6seasoning machine
7packing machine

What’s the working step of the fried peanut processing machine?

Fried peanut production line manufacturing steps

Step one: peanut sheller machine

Peanut sheller
Peanut Sheller

Peanut sheller is to remove the hard shell of peanuts, and its capacity ranges from 200kg/h-800kg/h. The shelling rate of this machine is very high, and the final peanut kernels can keep intact.

Step two: blanching machine

Then we need to use the blanching machine, and you just place the peanut kernels into it for several minutes. The blanching temperature is around 90-degree centigrade. The blanching is finished if you can rub the red skin of peanuts by hand easily. If the raw material is broad beans, you should use cold water to blanch it.

Peanut blanching machine
Peanut Blanching Machine

Step three: wet peanut peeling machine

Peanut peeling machine
Peanut Peeling Machine

After blanching, the next step is to use the wet peanut peeling machine, and there are two models. The peeling roller is made of rubber that won’t cause any damage to the peanuts, and its peeling rate can reach 95%. Finally, the clean peanut and red skin are discharged from a different outlet. In addition, it is easy to operate and just needs one operator.
Generally speaking, there is some water on the peeled peanuts, so it is necessary to dry them for a while before frying.

Step four: frying machine

Frying is an important step in the nut production line. The frying temperature is adjustable, and there is no residue in the machine. The color of peanut is bright after frying Besides, it is easy to clean and the frying machine has a wide range of applications and can be adapted to various foods.

Peanut frying machine
Peanut Frying Machine

Step five: deoiling machine

Fried peanut deoiling machine
Fried Peanut Deoiling Machine

To enable the taste of fried peanuts, we usually use the deoiling machine to remove the extra oil on the surface of peanuts. It uses the principle of centrifugation and can work with high speed. Finally, we can get fried peanuts with less oil content, and such spare oil can be reused.

Step six: Seasoning machine

The different person likes to eat different flavors of fried peanuts, which can be achieved by using seasoning machine. The specially octagonal design is able to spread the seasoning on the fried peanuts evenly. The customers can spread any seasonings they like. What’ more, the amount of seasoning can be adjusted by yourself, and it is very easy to do.

Fried peanut seasoning machine
Fried Peanut Seasoning Machine

Step seven: packing machine

Vacuum packing machine
Vacuum Packing Machine

Finally is to use a vacuum packing machine to pack the fried peanuts into the bag. It integrates the air extracting, sealing and packing as a whole, widely applying to the food processing industries. Meanwhile, its vacuum degree is adjustable.

Small fried peanut processing line features

1. The semi-automatic fried peanut production line is mainly composed of semi-automatic fried peanut machines. It requires three to five people to operate all the machines.

2. All fried peanut processing machines have a stable structure and are made of stainless steel with long service life.

3. The small fried peanut production machine has a wide range of output. It can achieve 50-500kg/h by replacing a single fried peanut machine with different output.

4. Taizy can customize the peanut frying machine according to the needs of customers.

Automatic peanut frying line advantages

1. The automatic plant composes of automatic peanut processing machines, and it is connected with these peanut machines by a conveyor belt. Therefore, it can be operated by one or two people.

2. It not increasing the degree of automation of the production line, it also increases the production output of fried peanuts. The output range of the automated production line is 300-1000kg/h.

3. This fried peanut production line is not only suitable for frying, seasoning, and packaging peanuts, it is also suitable for frying all kinds of nuts, broad beans, and other raw materials.

4. All peanut processing machines can be controlled by an electric control cabinet, which saves manpower and labor.

5. The machine collocation scheme and placement scheme can be customized according to customer needs.

Peanut coating machine in Nigeria

Peanut coating machine in Nigeria

The peanut burger coating machine is used to spread raw materials such as sugar water and flour on the surface of peanuts. This machine can be used alone or combined with baking machine, seasoning machine, packaging machine and other production lines for mass production

electric heating square fryer

The safe operation method of the electric batch fryer

The electric heating square fryer is easy to operate and low in price, which can quickly create income for us. But if used improperly, it may cause safety hazards. How can we operate the machine correctly and avoid danger? The following are some ways to maintain the machine to ensure the safe use of the machine for a long time.

The development of almond peeler

Almonds are also very popular as ingredients in casual snacks, baked goods, and other fields. Therefore, the need for almond peeler is increasing.

Wet and dry peanut peeling machine | almond peeler

Wet peanut peeling machine is to remove the red skin of peanut, and it also can be used for almond, broad bean, soybean and mung bean etc. The peeling rate of this machine can reach 95%, and the peeled peanut is intact. It is widely used for the pre-processing of peanut frying line and other food industries.

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