Wet and dry peanut peeling machine | almond peeler

A wet peanut peeling machine is to remove the red skin of peanut, and it also can be used for almond, broad bean, soybean and mung bean, etc. The peeling rate of this equipment can reach 95%, and the peeled peanut is intact. It is widely used for the pre-processing of peanut frying lines and other food industries.

Commercial peanut peeling machine technical parameter

Power  0.75kw 380v 。1.1KW 220v0.75kw 380v 。1.1KW 220v
Peeling rate92%-95%92%-95%
Breaking rate 2-3%2-3%
Peeling roller number811

Wet peanuts skin peeler inner structure

The advantage of peanut peeling machine

  1. The peeling rate is high, and it can reach 95%.
  2. Wide application. It can not only be used to peel peanuts but other beans and nuts.
Peanut peeler
Wide Application Of Peanut Peeler
  1. There are two models with different capacities, and you can choose freely according to your need.
  2. The broken rate is low, just 2-3%.
  3. The peeling roller is made of rubber that won’t cause damage to the peanut itself.
  4. The peeled peanuts are white in color, and the protein is invariable.
  5. It is easy to operate, and one person is needed.

The working steps of soaked peanut peeler machine

  1. Soak the peanuts in hot water at 90 degrees centigrade, and take them out when the red skin can be rubbed off by hand.
  2. Place the peanut into the peanut peeling machine.
  3. Under the force of the peeling roller, the red skin and inner peanut are fully separated. During the process, you should spray the water onto the peanut, which is good for the peeling.
  4. The peeled peanuts finally come out from the outlet and the red skins are discharged from the back of the peanut peeler machine.

Wet peanut peeling machinery video

Dry type peanuts peeling equipment

In addition to using a wet almond peeling machine, you also can use a dry peanut peeler machine. There are four models, and their capacity ranges from 200kg/h to 1000kg/h. What the main difference between them is that you need to roast the peanut before peeling. What’s more, the working principle and the usage of peeled peanuts are different, but the peeling effect is similar.

Technical parameter of dry peanut peeling machine

ModelCapacityDimensionMotor powerFan power

Dry peanut peel machine video

Peanut coating machine in Nigeria

Peanut coating machine in Nigeria

The peanut burger coating machine is used to spread raw materials such as sugar water and flour on the surface of peanuts. This machine can be used alone or combined with baking machine, seasoning machine, packaging machine and other production lines for mass production

The development of almond peeler

Almonds are also very popular as ingredients in casual snacks, baked goods, and other fields. Therefore, the need for almond peeler is increasing.

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