Continuous peanut frying machine delivered to Nigeria

automatic peanut frying machine
The peanut frying machine is an automatic commercial fryer, which has the characteristics of continuous operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and automatic timing temperature control.

Peanuts are easy to plant, and the products processed by peanuts are diverse. Therefore, the demand for peanut frying machines is gradually increasing. The peanut frying machine is a continuous mesh belt fryer. It has the characteristics of stable structure, uniform heating temperature, good color, and low oil consumption after frying. Therefore, the peanut frying machine stands out among many fried food machines and has become one of the most popular food frying machines.

A variety of processed peanut products

The deep-processed peanut products are diverse, including peanut butter processing, peanut oil production, peanut kernel slices, coated peanuts, and fried peanuts. After frying, it can form different flavors of peanuts, such as salty peanuts, butter peanuts, spicy peanuts, boiled peanuts, and spiced peanuts.

Commercial peanut fryer machine fry peanut
Commercial Peanut Fryer Machine Fry Peanut

Why Nigerian customers buy automatic peanut frying machine

The Nigerian customer wanted an automatic fryer to replace the previous small fryer in order to increase production output. We recommend to customers round batch fryer and automatic fryer. And we tell the customer that we can customize machines according to customer’s requirements. And the machine is an oil-water separation machine, so it can save the oil when frying. After comparison, the customer customized a 3m continuous mesh belt fryer with an oil capacity of 500L. And according to the customer’s request, we make the gas heating machine. One week after the customer placed the order, we delivered the machine to him.

Advantages of mesh belt peanut fryer

  • The continuous peanut fryer adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and the frying time can be controlled
  • Made of all 304 stainless steel, the machine structure is stable and easy to operate
  • Wide range of frying, suitable for frying of meat, pasta, aquatic products, vegetables, and other products
  • The customer can choose electricity, coal, or natural gas as heating energy, providing customers with a variety of heating energy options
  • Adopt the double-layer mesh belt transmission structure to immerse the fried products in the oil and make the frying evenly
  • The automatic peanut frying machine can equip with an oil circulation filtration system according to customer requirements. Carry out oil filtration cycle during the frying process to improve oil quality and extend the life of edible oil
  • There is a slag discharge system at the bottom, which automatically removes the residue, reducing the number of workers cleaning up and increasing safety.