What is the peanut burger coating machine price?

peanut coating machine price
The peanut coating machine has a variety of output and uses, so the nut coating machine's price is also related to the two factors.

A commercial peanut coating machine is professional equipment for making coated peanuts. The equipment is widely used in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The wrapping equipment has high output, stable operation, and low noise, so it is very popular with customers. You can also combine with the roasting machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine to form a coated peanut production line. So, what is the price of the nut coating machine?

Peanut burger
Peanut Burger

Factors affecting the price of peanut coating machine

The price of the nut coating machine is closely related to the output of the wrapper and the related equipment.

  1. Peanut coating machine output. The price of the nut coating machine varies depending on the output. The output range of the nut wrapper is 65-400kg per batch. The price of the wrapper increases with the increase in output.
  2. Related equipment. This factor includes two aspects. One is to add equipment to the wrapping machine. The second is to equip other related equipment to form a processing line.
Peanut burger coating machine
Peanut Burger Coating Machine

The coating machine widely applies for chocolate polishing, nut coating, candy polishing, and other purposes. For different purposes, the required equipment of the coating machine is different. For example, for chocolate polishing, it is necessary to equip with an automatic spray infusion device. Therefore, for different processing materials, the models and prices of the machines required are different.

For different customers, the machines they need may not only include the nut coating machine, but also other related equipment, such as baking machines, seasoning machines, packaging machines, and other machines.

If you need a nut coating machine, please contact us without hesitation. we will recommend a suitable machine according to your material and output. And, we will provide you the peanut coating machine price and professional solutions.