What are the tempura battering machine’s advantages?

commercial tempura battering machine
The commercial tempura battering machine is an automated machine. It can evenly coat a layer of batter on the surface of tempura products. This machine is suitable for coating meat, vegetables and other tempura products.

    Tempura is a classic dish in Japanese dishes. The deep-fried dishes wrapped in the batter are collectively called tempura. A commercial tempura battering machine is a machine that can automatically transfer materials and evenly wrap the batter on the fried products. This automatic tempura dipping machine is suitable for the thick and thin batter. And it is suitable for the batter coating work of various fried foods. Therefore, the tempura coating machine is widely welcomed by fried food factories.

    Tempura products
    Tempura Products

    Automatic tempura battering machine advantages

    • After being conveyed by the conveyor belt, the material is immersed in the slurry. So the surface of the product is coated with a layer of tempura. This tempura batter machine is widely used in the preparation of meat, vegetable, and other types of tempura.
    • The spacing between the upper and lower mesh belts of the machine can be adjusted. Therefore, it is suitable for various sizes’ materials.
    • The machine has a unique disassembly design for easy cleaning. The powerful fan removes the excess slurry so that the dough is evenly coated on the surface of the material.
    Automatic tempura batter machine
    Automatic Tempura Batter Machine
    • The whole automatic tempura battering machine adopts food-grade materials. And its important parts and components adopt imported electrical components, which are stable, reliable, and durable.
    • The tempura product coated by this machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and uniform thickness. After frying by the supporting fryer, it can maintain the original flavor.

    Precautions of commercial tempura battering machine

    Commercial tempura batter machines can process tempura products in large batches. Pay attention to the following points when purchasing this machine:

    • There are two models of commercial tempura dipping machines, one is immersion type and the other is drenching type. Although these two tempura dipping machines both can apply to the dipping work of tempura products. However, they have certain differences. The immersive tempura batter machine immerses the product in the batter tank to make the surface of the material hang slurry. The sprinkling type tempura batter machine sprays a layer of grout on the surface of the product when the material passes through the sprinkling curtain. Therefore, the immersive tempura batter machine is suitable for viscous and thin slurries. The spray-type machine is suitable for thin slurry. Therefore, when choosing this machine, you should choose the right machine according to the characteristics of the tempura product you want to process.
    • The machine has a matching batter mixer. And the batter mixer also has two models, one for making the viscous batter and the other for making the thin batter. When you choose a tempura battering machine, you can choose a suitable batter mixer according to the corresponding batter machine model.
    Tempura batter making machine
    Tempura Batter Making Machine

    The benefits of fried food coating batter

    Batter coating is a method often used in fried food, collectively referred to as “clothing” in the industry. That is, a layer of cloth-like batter is coated on the surface of the processed material. The raw materials coated with the batter will immediately condense into a protective layer when encountering high temperatures during frying. Therefore, it will avoid contacting the material with high-temperature oil directly. The raw materials prepared by this method can maintain the original taste and flavor of tempura products.